Ricky Stenhouse Jr thought he had a Roush contract through 2021

The 2023 Daytona 500 winner reflects on landing at JTG Daugherty Racing

For the 2020 season, Ricky Stenhouse Jr made the move to JTG Daugherty Racing. And that move came as a shock to the NASCAR driver.

2019 was the eighth season with Roush Fenway Racing (Now RFK Racing).

However, Stenhouse thought he had a 10-year contract with the team. Chris Buescher moved to the team, after nearly signing a renewal with ironically, JTG Daugherty Racing.

The Roush and Ford team developed Stenhouse. They supported him from ARCA all the way up the racing ladder to his Cup debut in 2011.

Just a few months before his 2019 departure, Stenhouse was asked oh his plans for 2020, he noted that he had a contract to drive for the team through 2021.

So what happened? That’s still a mystery to Stenhouse Jr…

Stenhouse Jr reflects on leaving Roush Fenway Racing

“Yeah, that was something unexpected,” Stenhouse Jr commented.

“Honestly, I kind of thought I had a contract through 2023 [with Roush — he possibly meant 2021 per previous statements], so that was the kind of crazy part about all that.”

“My management team, Josh Jones at KHI jumped on a call on the phone as soon as we met with Roush Fenway at the time and got a hold of Tad and Ernie [JTG] and started working the doors there.”

On Sunday, Stenhouse Jr drove to victory lane in the Daytona.

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