Bubba Wallace’s radio hijacked during NASCAR race at North Wilkesboro (Audio)

NASCAR is investigating the situation

On Sunday, NASCAR raced at North Wilkesboro Speedway, paying $1M to the race winner. It marked the first trip to the North Carolina race track in 27 years.

Listen to the Bubba Wallace radio below.

Ahead of the race, Bubba Wallace was one of the most boo’d drivers at the intros. He embraced it, during driver intros Wallace walked on the stage shouting “boo!” back at the crowd that was booing him.

In the NASCAR All-Star Race, Kyle Larson smoked the field. Bubba Wallace came in a distant 2nd place.

After the race, it appears that NASCAR fans were able to hijack the audio communications of the No. 23 driven by Bubba Wallace. That audio sent to the team channel took place after the race.

Here’s what was said:

“Go back to where you came from asshole!”

“You suck! You’re not welcome in NASCAR.”

2nd place is a career best for Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR All-Star Race.

23XI Racing has stated that the audio took place after the race. The radio was still live but the driver was already out of the car thus didn’t hear the radio transmission.

North Wilkesboro Race Results: May 21, 2023 (NASCAR All-Star)

Previous Radio Issues

This is not the first time NASCAR teams have had their radio frequencies hijacked. It’s not even the first time that it’s happened to Bubba Wallace.

In 2018, multiple teams radios were intercepted during the event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Over Kyle Busch’s radio, a fan asked Busch, “How are your tires?” During the same race, Alex Bowman was complaining of radio static when a fan jumped on the channel to say, ‘Shut the fuck up!”

During the 2022 Coca-Cola 600, also at Charlotte, a fan jumped on Wallace’s radio to state, “white lives matter.”

There aren’t reports of issues from teams other than 23XI during the race at North Wilkesboro.

Unknown man hijacked multiple radio frequencies during 2018 NASCAR race (Audio)

Bubba Wallace comments after North Wilkesboro

“I don’t know, I think we needed the louvers and whatever cheated up stuff they have on their,” Bubba Wallace told Fox Sports with a laugh after the race.

Back at Phoenix Raceway, Hendrick Motorsports had hood louvers confiscated from all four of their machines. It resulted in a $400,000 fine to the team ($100,000 per car) making it the largest single fine to a team in NASCAR history.

NASCAR penalty to Hendrick Motorsports amended with appeal

Wallace added, “No, it’s just his capability throughout the whole run. We could attack hard and then have something there at the end.”

“If this was any other race, I’d be excited. But, we just come up short and walk home with nothing, tail tucked between our legs.”

Wallace added after the race, “Congrats to Larson, he’s been on a rail lately.”

NASCAR stated they are investigating the audio interference.

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