NASCAR issues L3 penalty to Chase Briscoe: $250k fine

Stewart-Haas Racing has been issued a hefty penalty after inspection following Charlotte Motor Speedway

Chase Briscoe’s No. 14 car was taken to the NASCAR R&D Center after the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. And, NASCAR has issued a major penalty following that inspection.

Hear from NASCAR below as they noted the team used a counterfeit part.

Violation: Section 14.1F, which prohibits counterfeiting a Next Gen single source vendor-supplied part, along with Section 14.6.A Underwing, and 14.6.3B Engine Panel Assembly.

Penalty: The team has been docked 120 driver points, 120 owner points, 25 playoff points. Crew chief John Klausmeier has been suspended for six races and fined $250,000.

Charlotte Results: May 29, 2023 (NASCAR Cup Series)

Per a NASCAR release, “The engine panel assembly rule specifically notes that the engine panel NACA duct must be used and must remain unobstructed.”

“NACA ducts are single-source supplied parts for the Next Gen car and may not be modified or counterfeited. The NASCAR Rule Book spells out the location for these ducts, on the left and right side windows, which are used to help cool the car.”

“Tightening the ducts, or counterfeiting/modifying the size of the ducts, can help a team create more downforce on the race car.”

The penalty drops Briscoe from 292 points to just 172. The No. 15 team is bumped from 17th to 31st in the drivers standings.

Yesterday, NASCAR released their weekly penalty report. 5 penalties were issued including a 1-race suspension to Chase Elliott for crashing Denny Hamlin. The penalty to Chase Briscoe comes a day later as NASCAR wasn’t done with the inspection at the time of Tuesday’s penalty announcements.

Chase Elliott suspended by NASCAR for wrecking Denny Hamlin

Tony Stewart recently knocked inspection penalties

Recently, Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Tony Stewart spoke on NASCAR inspection drama. He noted he wasn’t a fan of the long list of inspection penalties.

Stewart said, “This is the part I really hate about the sport right now. I have a very strong opinion about how they’re doing things. But, If I say something, then it’s going to cost me money, it’s going to cost me points, it’s going to hurt my drivers and my organization.”

NASCAR co-owner comments following a long list of inspection drama

Elton Sawyer explains the violation

“In the post-race inspection at the R&D Center, we found the No. 14 car had an engine panel NACA duct not in compliance with the rule book,” NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Elton Sawyer told

“It is a counterfeit part, and that is an L3 penalty. … We need to make sure we’re keeping the teams and the car in compliance.”

He added, “The deterrence model has to fit that, and that’s our responsibility as custodians of the sport and of the garage.”

More details…

“After inspecting the No. 14 car at the R&D Center and deep investigation, we found the engine panel and NACA duct counterfeit. That a significant penalty, it’s an L3,” Sawyer added via NASCAR Race Hub

“It’s not something that we have seen in the past. But, we did find it on the No. 14 car.”

“We talked to the race teams. I believe they’re going to get the message. But, if not, we will continue to do this until they do.”

At the start of the 2022 season, NASCAR launched the Next Gen car. The spec chassis is designed to be identical from team to team. Many parts bolted to the car come from a single-source and are also identical throughout the garage.

NASCAR released penalty level adjustments with the Next Gen car. The penalties for modifying the Next Gen car outside of the rule book were drastically increased.

NASCAR penalty system updated with possible $500k fine

L3 Penalty Circumstances

An L3-level penalty is reserved for the most intense of instances, including but not limited to:

– “Counterfeiting or modifying Next Gen Single Source vendor supplied parts and/or assemblies.”

– “Engine infractions not meeting the rules.”

– “Engine performance enhancements.”

– “Altering/modifying tires and/or fuel”

– “Violating the Vehicle Testing Policy”

Stewart-Haas Racing: Statement

After the penalty, the team issued the following statement:

“We had a quality control lapse and a part that never should’ve been on a car going to the racetrack ended up on the number 14 car at Charlotte. We accept NASCAR’s decision and will not appeal.”

Chase Elliott suspended by NASCAR for wrecking Denny Hamlin

Elliott crashes Hamlin in retaliation at Charlotte (Video)


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