Chase Elliott crashes Denny Hamlin in retaliation at Charlotte (Video)

Watch the video of the NASCAR crash at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Cup Series took the green flag at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Yesterday’s rain shower pushed the famed Coca-Cola 600 to Monday.

Watch the Chase Elliott vs Denny Hamlin video below.

On a restart, Chase Elliott bobbled off the bottom in turn two. Denny Hamlin filled the inside lane and the two drivers made late contact.

Moments later, on lap 186, Hamlin and Elliott ran side by side for 6th. With Hamlin in the inside, he lost the nose off the corner.

Hamlin rubbed on the door of Elliott as he lifted off the throttle an attempted to get the car to turn. However, Elliott was still forced wide and made contact with the wall off turn four.

Both drivers continued. However, Elliott elected to make a hard left and hook Hamlin in the right rear, turning him into the front stretch wall at a high rate of speed.

Both drivers slammed the wall and picked up heavy damage.

“He ran me up twice in the last four laps. Did I miss something there? Or no?,” Elliott stated over the team radio.

“They should park his ass,” Hamlin said on the No. 11 team radio.

“That was 100% intentional,” Hamlin’s crew chief stated over the radio.

Elliott drove his machine back to the garage. Hamlin was able to climb from his machine on his own following the impact.

Elliott recently returned to racing after suffering a broken leg. He’s in a battle to reach the top 30 in points.

“Yeah, that’s a retaliation,” Clint Bowyer stated from the FOX Booth.

The race is still underway.

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Denny Hamlin comments after getting crashed

“I got right rear hooked in the middle of the straight-away,” Hamlin told Fox Sports after exiting the care center.

“It’s a tantrum and he shouldn’t be racing next week. Right rear hooks are absolutely unexceptionable.”

Hamlin added, “It’s the same thing Bubba Wallace did with Kyle Larson. The exact same. He shouldn’t be racing.”

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Chase Elliott comments

“The No. 11 ran us up in the fence there,” Chase Elliott stated.

“Once you tear the right sides off these things, it’s kinda over. I hate it.”

“I was just trying to get to mile 600 and have a shot. Unfortunately, failed to do that, again.”

Elliott stated it wasn’t retalliation.

“Like I said, once you hit the wall in these things, you can’t drive them anymore. Just an unfortunate circumstance.”

It’s worth noting that NASCAR has recently been penalizing drivers for retaliation. Ironically, most recently, Hamlin was penalized for wrecking Ross Chastain.

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Hamlin brings SMT data to the argument

All NASCAR teams have lap-by-lap computer data. MPH, thottle, brake, steering and lap time are among the list of metrics available to view.

Hamlin posted screenshots of Elliott’s data as well as the data from the No. 11 car.

Hamlin stated, “Removing all doubt. His steering came back to the exact same position it had previously after we came off the wall. The higher the line on steering the further LEFT it’s going.”

“Absolute left hook. Cranked the wheel 4X harder left than he did making any corner through the whole day. Bullsh*t move.”

View the SMT data below.

Chase Elliott vs Denny Hamlin
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Chase Elliott crashes Denny Hamlin
SMT data

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