NASCAR Penalties: Appeal of window net penalties heard

Three NASCAR teams were penalized with window net violations

On May 18th and June 6 NASCAR issued penalties for window net violations. Three NASCAR Truck Series teams were issued with the violation.

NASCAR Rule Book Section: 10.5.1 and Driver’s Window Net

Penalties were handed out to crew chiefs Bradley Means, Joseph Lax and Andrew Abbott; team owners Randall Young, Tyler Young and Rebecca Young; and drivers Chris Hacker, Spencer Boyd and Nick Leitz.

All three teams were docked 25 championship points to each driver and owner. Each crew chief was fined $5,000.

Appeals Panel Ruling

The team elected to appeal the penalty. Their case was heard on Wednesday.

The appeals panel ruled the following:

“NASCAR showed the window net labels were visually and significantly different from the OEM new labels.”

Appeal Panel:

-Dixon Johnston

-Tom Deloach

-David Hall

A similar penalty was issued prior. It was also appealed but the panel elected to uphold that penalty as well.

Four NASCAR teams penalized for window nets