Caraway Speedway Results: June 28, 2023 (CARS Tour)

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson makes his CARS Tour debut

Tonight, the CARS Tour drivers have unloaded in Sophia, North Carolina. The field is set to battle on the .455-mile of Caraway Speedway.

View Caraway Speedway results below.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson is making his CARS Tour debut. It’s not his first asphalt late model start but it’s his first in a long time.

Chase Burrow and Carson Kvapil set the front row. 125 laps of late model racing are up next.

LMSC – Report

Green flag, Burrow clears Kvapil off turn two.

Jeremy Mayfield is on the pit lane with a mechanical issue.

Lap 17, Bobby McCarty misses the bottom and he turns Dylan Ward, caution.

Green, they fight for space into turn one. Kvapil nearly clears him via the outside lane off turn two. Burrow fights back to pull even. Several laps later, they remain side by side. Burrow wiggles on the inside off turn two, Kvapil to the lead.

Lap 26, Larson brushes the wall off turn four, no caution. Larson keeps it rolling.

Lap 40, Layne Riggs has closed to the bumper of Kvapil in the battle for the lead.

Lap 45, Chase Burrow slows with a flat tire, caution.

Green, Kvapil clears Riggs to hold the lead.

Lap 57

Lap 57, Mini Tyrell dives inside of Connor Zilisch. They make contact and Zilisch is around, caution.

Green, Kvapil clears Riggs once more.

Lap 67, Riggs has a run on Kvapil. He dives inside and takes the lead away.

Lap 80, Kyle Larson has cracked the top 10 for the first time in this event.

Lap 97, the competition caution is out.

Green, Kvapil runs wide into turn one. Riggs leads off turn two.

Lap 99, Matt Gould is hard in the wall, caution.

Green, Riggs and Kvapil rub doors for the lead. Riggs runs him wide and Riggs holds the lead.

22 to go, Jared Fryer forces his way inside of Kvapil to take 2nd away. Mason Diaz follows him through to take 3rd away.

10 to go, Riggs leads Fryer by 10 car lengths.

Layne Riggs wins at Caraway Speedway!

Caraway Speedway Results
June 28, 2023
Late Model Stock Car

Pos | Driver

1. Layne Riggs

2. Jared Fryer

3. Mason Diaz

4. Logan Clark

5. Carson Kvapil

6. Kaden Honeycutt

7. Bobby McCarty

8. Brenden Queen

9. Kyle Larson

10. Cameron Bolin

11. Mini Tyrrell

12. Andrew Grady

13. Lanie Buice

14. Landon Huffman

15. Connor Hall

16. Jocob Heafner

17. Ryan Millington

18. Connor Zilisch

19. Brandon Pierce

20. William Sawalich

21. Carson Brown

22. Jason Kitzmiller

23. Chase Burrow

24. Trevor Ward

25. Matt Gould

26. Ronnie Bassett Jr

27. Chad McCumbee

28. Jason York

29. Bryant Barnhill

30. Dylan Ward

31. Jeremy Mayfield


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