Berlin Raceway Results: August 9, 2023 ($30k)

Battle at Berlin results; NASCAR drivers join the field at Berlin Raceway to battle for $30,000 to win

The stars of asphalt late model racing have unloaded near Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 7/16-mile oval of Berlin Raceway is set to host the Battle at Berlin.

View Berlin Raceway results below.

The All-Stars are in the show. NASCAR drivers Chase Elliott, William Byron, Josh Berry, Carson Hocevar and Jesse Love are in the field.

34 cars are on the starting grid. Evan Shotko and William Byron set the front row. 250 laps of short track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Evan Shotko clears William Byron via the inside lane into turn one.

221 to go, Gio Ruggiero works inside of Byron for 2nd.

216 to go, Jesse Love is in the turn one wall after losing a tire.

Carson Hocevar is on the pit lane as the crew makes repairs.

202 to go, Cole Butcher works inside of Ruggiero for 2nd.

196 to go, Butcher dives inside of Shotko. Butcher to the race lead.

166 to go, the competition caution is out.

Green, Shotko gets the jump and he clears Butcher via the inside lane in turn one, Shotko returns to the lead.

164 to go, 8+ cars tangle off turn four, the caution is out.

Green, Shotko knocks the apron and chases it up the track into the door of Butcher in turn one. Butcher returns to the lead off turn two.

151 to go, Shotko works under Butcher, Shotko returns to the lead.

147 to go, Byron works under Butcher. Byron to 2nd.

141 to go

141 to go, multiple cars tangle in turn three, caution.

Green, Byron and Shotko run side by side into turn one. Byron noses ahead via the outside lane. Byron completes the pass into turn three, Byron leads off turn four.

134 to go, Chase Elliott works under Butcher to take 4th away.

132 to go, car around, caution.

105 to go, Bubba Pollard has closed to the bumper of William Byron in the battle for the lead. Byron works heavy lap traffic.

98 to go, Pollard works to the outside of Byron off turn four. Pollard boxes him in behind a lap car, Pollard to the lead!

82 to go

82 to go, the competition caution is out.

Carson Hocevar stays out and takes over the lead.

Green, Pollard clears Hocevar on the inside into turn one. Hocevar has dropped anchor. Shotko returns to 2nd.

59 to go, Shotko drives it deep to the bottom in turn three, he clears Pollard and Shotko retakes the lead.

32 to go, the caution is out.

Green, Pollard and Shotko run side by side into turn one. Pollard wins the battle via the inside lane, Pollard is back in the lead.

29 to go, spin in turn four, caution.

20 to go, Pollard opens the gap. He leads Shotko and Chase Elliott.

12 to go, Elliott looks inside of Shotko for 2nd. They run even off turn two. Shotko holds him off via the outside in turn three.

10 to go, Elliott finally clears Shotko for 2nd. Pollard leads Elliott by 2 seconds. Yet, the race leader think he might have a mechanical issue.

Bubba Pollard holds them off to win at Berlin Raceway!

Berlin Raceway Results
August 9, 2023

The following includes results from the super late model division:


Qualifying (Combined) : 1. 22S-Evan Szotko[31]; 2. 24B-William Byron[5]; 3. 26-Bubba Pollard[23]; 4. 24R-Tyler Roahrig[24]; 5. 88S-Andrew Scheid[28]; 6. 22R-Giovanni Ruggiero[26]; 7. 71B-Josh Berry[1]; 8. 18B-Chase Burda[2]; 9. 50-Kyle Crump[8]; 10. 28B-Cole Butcher[4]; 11. 53-Boris Jurkovic[19]; 12. 131-Blake Rowe[25]; 13. 9E-Chase Elliott[9]; 14. 12-Derek Griffith[13]; 15. 4-Erik Jones[18]; 16. 14-Carson Hocevar[16]; 17. 28-Scott Thomas[32]; 18. 47-Brian Campbell[6]; 19. 20H-Austin Hull[17]; 20. 28C-Kevin Cremonesi[7]; 21. 44-Trevor Sanborn[27]; 22. 33-Wes Griffith Jr[14]; 23. 27-Ken Wobma[34]; 24. 101J-Joe Bush[3]; 25. 20L-Jesse Love[21]; 26. 08-Tony Elrod[10]; 27. 18H-Keith Herp[15]; 28. 24S-Dylan Stovall[30]; 29. 45-Michael Simko[29]; 30. 76-Brian Tillema[33]; 31. 81-Andrew Gresel[12]; 32. 90-Derek Kneeland[20]; 33. 16G-Jacob Gomes[11]; 34. 1-Chris Munson[22]

Battle at Berlin
Feature Results
August 9, 2023

Pos | Driver | Start Pos

1. 26-Bubba Pollard[3]

2. 9E-Chase Elliott[13]

3. 22S-Evan Szotko[1]

4. 71B-Josh Berry[7]

5. 50-Kyle Crump[9]

6. 24S-Dylan Stovall[28]

7. 24B-William Byron[2]

8. 28B-Cole Butcher[10]

9. 101J-Joe Bush[24]

10. 20H-Austin Hull[19]

11. 4-Erik Jones[15]

12. 28C-Kevin Cremonesi[20]

13. 47-Brian Campbell[18]

14. 27-Ken Wobma[23]

15. 24R-Tyler Roahrig[4]

16. 76-Brian Tillema[30]

17. 53-Boris Jurkovic[11]

18. 22R-Giovanni Ruggiero[6]

19. 18B-Chase Burda[8]

20. 45-Michael Simko[29]

21. 90-Derek Kneeland[32]

22. 81-Andrew Gresel[31]

23. 33-Wes Griffith Jr[22]

24. 14-Carson Hocevar[16]

25. 08-Tony Elrod[26]

26. 12-Derek Griffith[14]

27. 131-Blake Rowe[12]

28. 88S-Andrew Scheid[5]

29. 16G-Jacob Gomes[33]

30. 44-Trevor Sanborn[21]

31. 18H-Keith Herp[27]

32. 28-Scott Thomas[17]

33. 20L-Jesse Love[25]

34. 1-Chris Munson[34]


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