Berlin Raceway Results: August 3, 2023 (SRX Series)

SRX results from Berlin Raceway

The SRX Series has unloaded in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 7/16-mile oval of Berlin Raceway has packed the grandstands for a night of short track racing.

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Ryan Newman and Brad Keselowski set the front row for the main event. 100 laps of racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, they run even into turn one. Newman leans on the right rear of Keselowski off turn two.

Lap 2, Busch works inside of Newman for 2nd. He drives it deep to the bottom and clips the left rear of Keselowski. Keselowski gets sideways but he saves it as Busch takes 2nd away from Newman.

Lap 25, Keselowski leads Busch by 1 car length. Marco Andretti is running slow and in the back to save his tires for a later run.

Lap 27, caution.

Green, Keselowski clears Busch off turn two.

Lap 42, Helio Castroneves tags the bumper of Kyle Busch. Busch gets sideways and Castroneves dives deep to the inside and takes 2nd away.

Lap 50, Castroneves has climbed to the bumper of Keselowski in the battle for the lead. Castroneves works to his inside. Keselowski lifts and hands him the lead.

Lap 59, Keselowski leans on the rear bumper of Castroneves for the lead. Castroneves holds him off.

Lap 62, caution.

Green, Castroneves leads as Busch and Keselowski run side by side for 2nd. Busch wins the battle for 2nd via the inside lane.

26 to go, Busch looks to the outside of Castroneves. Busch to the lead.

Keselowski looks to the inside of Castroneves and the bang doors off turn four. He holds his ground and leans into his left rear in turn one. Keselowski takes 2nd away.

16 to go, caution.

Green, Busch leads Keselowski.

13 to go, Andretti is up to 6th after saving his tires and running last for the first half of this race.

6 to go, caution.

Green, Busch leads Keselowski by a car length off turn two. Busch opens the gap.

3 to go, Andretti to 4th.

Kyle Busch wins at Berlin Raceway!

Berlin Raceway
August 3, 2023

The following includes full SRX results:

Heat 1

30 Laps (Or 16 Minutes)

Heat 1 Results : 1. Brad Keselowski; 2. Kyle Busch; 3. Johnny Benson Jr; 4. Ryan Newman; 5. Helio Castroneves; 6. Kevin Harvick; 7. Marco Andretti; 8. Hailie Deegan; 9. Bobby Labonte; 10. Ken Schrader; 11. Kasey Kahne; 12. Tony Stewart

Heat 2

25 Laps (Or 12 Minutes)
*Race shortened due to rain

The field is inverted following the results of heat one.

Heat 2 Results : 1. Ryan Newman; 2. Ken Schrader; 3. Hailie Deegan; 4. Kevin Harvick; 5. Bobby Labonte; 6. Brad Keselowski; 7. Helio Castroneves; 8. Kyle Busch; 9. Marco Andretti; 10. Johnny Benson Jr; 11. Kasey Kahne; 12. Tony Stewart

Berlin Raceway
Main Event

Laps: 100

1. Kyle Busch

2. Brad Keselowski

3. Ryan Newman

4. Marco Andretti

5. Hailie Deegan

6. Ken Schrader

7. Tony Stewart

8. Helio Castroneves

9. Bobby Labonte

10. Kevin Harvick

11. Kasey Kahne

12. Johnny Benson Jr

Berlin Raceway

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