Pulaski County Motorsports Park Results: July 27, 2023 (SRX)

SRX Series results from Pulaski County Motorsports Park

SRX Series drivers have unloaded in Pulaski County, Virginia. The 0.416-mile of Pulaski County Motorsports Park, formerly known as Motor Mile Speedway will host the show.

View Pulaski County Motorsports Park results for the SRX Series below.

Tony Stewart and Marco Andretti set the front row for the main event. 100 laps of short track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Stewart clears Andretti via the inside lane into turn one. Brad Keselowski follows him through on the inside to take 2nd away.

Lap 14, the caution is out.

Green, Stewart clears Keselowski in turn one. Andretti and Castroneves bang doors for 3rd, Andretti wins that battle.

Lap 23, Kyle Busch dives inside of Castroeneves for 4th. Castroneves shuts the door but Busch doesn’t lift. Castroneves is sideways and Busch takes the spot away.

Lap 40, caution for debris.

Green, Stewart and Keselowski run side by side for the lead off turn two. Castroneves leans on the bumper of Newman. Newman then leans on the left rear of Andretti, he nearly spins but saves it while losing several positions.

Lap 48, Keselowski and Stewart remain side by side at the front. Keselowski rolls the top lane and finally clears him.

Lap 53, Busch leans on the door of Stewart for 2nd. Busch fills the inside lane and muscles the spot away.

Lap 56, Busch has a run on Keselowski into turn one. Busch dives inside, Keselowski shuts the door and spins himself out. The caution is out.

Green, Busch clears Stewart off turn two.

Lap 70, Bowyer leans on the bumper of Stewart from 2nd. he works inside, Bowyer to 2nd! Bowyer is running a lane of his own, with half of his car on the apron.

27 to go

27 to go, caution.

Bowyer elects to pick second row inside.

Green, Busch clears Stewart for the lead off turn two. Bowyer works inside of Stewart, Stewart shuts the door but Bowyer is already there. Bowyer returns to 2nd.

19 to go, Josef Newgarden leans on the left rear of Helio Castroneves. Castroneves gets sideways and clips Labonte. Labonte spins and the caution is out.

Once again, Bowyer picks second row inside.

Green, Busch clears Stewart off turn two. Bowyer works inside of Stewart for 2nd, Bowyer takes the spot yet again.

11 to go, Paul Tracy runs wide off turn four and shoves Newgarden into the outside wall. Travy spins across the track collecting Ken Schrader and Hailie Deegan. The caution is out.

Bowyer has picked the second row yet again, Stewart returns to 2nd.

Green, Busch leads off turn two. Stewart and Bowyer run side by side for 2nd, Stewart clears him to hold 2nd.

5 to go, Bowyer works inside of Stewart and he takes 2nd away.

4 to go, Marco Andretti turns himself across the nose of Deegan, caution. Andretti might have had a mechanical issue.

Bowyer picks the second row inside. Stewart returns to the front row.

Green, Busch and Stewart run even into turn one. Busch clears him into turn three. Bowyer fills the inside lane to take 2nd away.

1 to go, Busch leads Bowyer by four car lengths.

Kyle Busch wins the SRX race at Pulaski County Motorsports Park!

Pulaski County Motorsports Park
July 27, 2023

The following includes full SRX results:

Heat 1

25 Laps (Or 20 Minutes)

Heat 1 Results : 1. Marco Andretti; 2. Kyle Busch; 3. Brad Keselowski; 4. Bobby Labonte; 5. Tony Stewart; 6. Paul Tracy; 7. Josef Newgarden; 8. Helio Castroneves; 9. Hailie Deegan; 10. Ken Schrader; 11. Ryan Newman; 12. Clint Bowyer;

Heat 2

25 Laps (Or 20 Minutes)

The field is inverted following the results of heat one.

Heat 2 Results : 1. Clint Bowyer; 2. Ryan Newman; 3. Ken Schrader; 4. Helio Castroneves; 5. Tony Stewart; 6. Hailie Deegan; 7. Paul Tracy; 8. Brad Keselowski; 9. Bobby Labonte; 10. Marco Andretti; 11. Kyle Busch; 12. Josef Newgarden;

Motor Mile Speedway
Main Event

Laps: 100

1. Kyle Busch

2. Clint Bowyer

3. Tony Stewart

4. Brad Keselowski

5. Ryan Newman

6. Helio Castroneves

7. Bobby Labonte

8. Hailie Deegan

9. Marco Andretti

10. Paul Tracy

11. Josef Newgarden

12. Ken Schrader

Motor Mile Speedway

Pulaski County Motorsports Park | SRX