Stafford Results: July 20, 2023 (SRX)

SRX results from the second week at Stafford Motor Speedway

The Superstar Racing Experience was scheduled to race at the Thunder Road Speedbowl tonight. However, that race was canceled due to weather and now the series is set to race at Stafford Speedway for the second week in a row.

View Stafford Speedway results for the SRX Series below.

Ryan Preece and Daniel Suarez set the front row for the main event. 80 laps of short track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Preece and Suarez run side by side at the front of the field. Preece clears him via the inside lane into turn three.

Lap 3, Suarez dives inside of Preece into turn one. They run side by side and rubs doors for the race lead. Preece crosses under him but Suarez takes the lead away.

Lap 10, Preece returns to the lead. Suarez shuts the door on Kanaan to hold 2nd.

Lap 25, the race break caution is out.

Green, Suarez runs wide into turn one and Preece leads the field off turn two. Tony Kanaan takes 2nd away.

Lap 33, Kenny Wallace slows and the caution is out.

Green, Preece leads as they run side by side for 2nd. Kanaan wins the battle for 2nd and pulls right to the bumper of the race leader.

Lap 47, Preece gets loose under braking. He slides through the corner, clips the grass and chases it all the way up the banking. Preece tags the wall lightly with the right rear. No caution, Kanaan takes the lead away.

Lap 53, another race break caution is out.

Green, Kanaan leads into turn one. Preece spins the tires and Ryan Newman takes over 2nd.

14 to go

14 to go, Ryan Newman is closing on Kanaan in the battle for the lead.

13 to go, Preece heads to the pit lane under green with a braking issue.

10 to go, Newman is on the bumper of Kanaan.

9 to go, Hailie Deegan gets under Paul Tracy. Tracy closes the door and turns himself. The caution is out.

Green, Kanaan enters turn one and he doesn’t slow down! Kanaan slams the outside wall with what looks like a braking issue. Daniel Suarez takes over the lead. Tracy turns Keselowski and the caution is out.

Green, Suarez runs Newman wide into turn one. Suarez leads off turn two.

7 to go, Newman crosses under Suarez off turn four. He has the inside into turn one. Newman rubs on the door of Suarez, Newman to the lead.

Ryan Newman wins at Stafford Speedway!

Stafford Motor Speedway
July 20, 2023

The following includes full SRX results:

Heat 1

25 Laps (Or 20 Minutes)

Heat 1 Results : 1. Tony Stewart; 2. Paul Tracy; 3. Daniel Suarez; 4. Hailie Deegan; 5. Ryan Preece; 6. Tony Kanaan; 7. Bobby Labonte; 8. Ken Schrader; 9. Marco Andretti; 10. Ryan Newman; 11. Brad Keselowski; 12. Kenny Wallace; 13. Greg Biffle

Heat 2

25 Laps (Or 20 Minutes)

The field is inverted following the results of heat one.

Heat 2 Results : 1. Brad Keselowski; 2. Ryan Preece; 3. Ryan Newman; 4. Marco Andretti; 5. Tony Kanaan; 6. Ken Schrader; 7. Daniel Suarez; 8. Bobby Labonte; 9. Kenny Wallace; 10. Tony Stewart; 11. Greg Biffle; 12. Paul Tracy; Hailie Deegan

Stafford Motor Speedway
Main Event

Laps: 80

1. Ryan Newman

2. Daniel Suarez

3. Marco Andretti

4. Ken Schrader

5. Greg Biffle

6.Bobby Labonte

7. Tony Stewart

8. Hailie Deegan

9. Kenny Wallace

10. Brad Keselowski

11. Paul Tracy

12. Tony Kanaan

13. Ryan Preece


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