Ken Schrader is done with Paul Tracy in SRX (Video)

Paul Tracy crashed in the SRX race at Motor Mile Speedway; Ken Schrader has had enough

Update: Paul Tracy has been suspended by the SRX Series. It’s the first suspension issued since the series began.

On Thursday, the SRX Series visited Motor Mile Speedway (Pulaski County Motorsports Park). The race saw a few fireworks and some frustrated drivers.

Watch the Paul Tracy crash video below.

With 11 laps to go, regular culprit Paul Tracy and Josef Newgarden ran side by side for 5th. As they exited turn four, Tracy just ran wide.

Newgarden was shoved into the outside wall. Tracy was turned sideways in front of the field.

Conor Daly stated from the booth, “That’s inexcusable, really.”

Ken Schrader came into the scene with nowhere to go, slamming into Tracy. Both Tracy and Schrader rolled down the banking and pounded the inside wall.

Schrader walked up to Tracy’s car on pit road, pulled his window net down and stuck his head in the window. The two drivers had a very brief conversation.

Ken Schrader comments

“I’d like to see it,” Ken Schrader told ESPN.

“But, I’m pretty sure green [Paul Tracy] had black [Josef Newgarden] shoved into the outside wall.”

Moments later, Schrader was shown the replay. And, he had only a few words to say.

Schrader concluded, “I’m not running another race with him. I’m done.”

Schrader has run 763 NASCAR Cup Series races with his last coming in 2013. He now tours the country in search of dirt tracks. Schrader was scheduled to run the full SRX schedule.

Paul Tracy comments

Clint Bowyer, Paul Tracy and Conor Daly - SRX Series
Clint Bowyer, Paul Tracy and Conor Daly (Photo: SRX Series)

“Newgarden and I were bouncing off of each other for a couple laps,” Paul Tracy stated after climbing from his mangled machine.

“I got a nose ahead of him, a half car length ahead of him and I just got hooked. Turned sideways down the straight away.”

Tracy added, “It was hard racing at the end there, 10 laps to go and everybody was going for it. It’s a tough track to get off of the corners. A bad deal for everybody.”

Tracy said he was hooked. That’s only because he ran Newgarden so wide that Newgarden had nowhere else to go but into the wall or the left rear of Tracy.

Pulaski County Motorsports Park Results: July 27, 2023 (SRX)

Dale Earnhardt Jr comments

Dale Earnhardt Jr tweeted, “If you get Kenny Schrader mad at you. You messed up.”

Tony Stewart comments

How does SRX get guys to stop tearing cars up?

“Quit having the guys that are tearing cars up come back,” Tony Stewart told Frontstrech.

“I haven’t seen any of the stuff. Luckily, it was all behind me.”

Stewart concluded. “But, it sounds like it’s the same cast of characters.”

Tony Stewart is the co-owner of the SRX Series. He also completes in all six races of the mini-series.

Tony Stewart has a ‘strong opinion’ on the new NASCAR

Update: SRX suspends Paul Tracy
Pulaski County Motorsports Park - SRX Series
Pulaski County Motorsports Park (Photo: SRX Series)

On Friday night, SRX released the following statement:

“Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) has announced an immediate suspension of driver Paul Tracy in relation to yesterday’s on-track incident at Pulaski County Motorsports Park.”

“We take issues regarding driver safety extremely seriously at SRX,” SRX chief executive officer Don Hawk stated.

“This is not a decision we take lightly. It is our responsibility to ensure that we foster a competitive, and most importantly, a safe racing environment.”

Hawk concluded, “I have been in contact with Paul Tracy directly and we appreciate his cooperation on this matter.”

The next SRX event is schedule for this Thursday. Berlin Raceway will host the race in Grand Rapids, MI.

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