NASCAR drivers comment as Brad Keselowski makes circles (Video)

Brad Keselowski caught fire and began making circles during the red flag at Daytona International Speedway; NASCAR drivers reacted hilariously

On Saturday night, the NASCAR Cup Series raced at Daytona International Speedway. The race closed the regular season and locked in the 2023 playoff drivers.

Watch the video as Brad Keselowski makes circles below.

There was a crash that brought out the red flag. Cars came to a stop as safety workers took care of cleaning the torn cars from the track.

As Keselowski was parked, he noticed a fire on his machine. The driver began making tiny circles in an attempt to put out the fire.

It worked. However, the other drivers gave him crazy eyes for doing so. Here’s the various team audio as the situation unfolded…

NASCAR teams and drivers react to Brad Keselowski making circles

Martin Truex Jr: “What the hell is Brad doing?”

Kyle Busch: “Uh, Brad’s on fire.”

Joey Logano: “What the… What is he doing? Brad’s just making circles back here. Like just driving around in circles. Donuts without the cool factor. I’ve never seen this before.”

Ross Chastain: “The No. 6 looks like my dog when he has the zoomies.”

Erik Jones: “Looks like when someone falls off a jetski and it just kinda goes on its own.”

Chase Elliott (Crew): “I don’t know what that 6 is doing. They said he might be on fire. Got his own little race going on.”

Alex Bowman: “I’m sure he knows [he’s on fire]. Out here cutting laps on the old short track. That’s why we need to have our cellphones in our cars. This would make a great Instagram story post. People would love it.”

Brad Keselowski

Meanwhile, Keselowski stated on his team radio, “Starting to get a fire in here.”

“Get moving and get some air out of here.”

Keselowski (Crew): “Brad, it says we’re on fire.”

Keselowski responded, “Aware! Trying to put it out. Use your binoculars if you can. We’ll see if it’s still on fire. I think it’s out.”

Keselowski (Crew): “I don’t see anything Brad. I think we’re okay.”

Keselowski: “Smells really bad in here but I think it’s out.”

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Brad Keselowski makes circles during red flag

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