NASCAR Inspection Policy: Penalty changed; Stricter inspection process

The modified inspection rule for the Xfinity Series begins at Bristol Motor Speedway

Ahead of each race, NASCAR teams must pass a wide range of inspection points. Teams are allowed multiple attempts to pass inspection.

In recent weeks, several teams have failed inspection multiple times. NASCAR has now changed the penalty as they attempt to reel the teams in.

Previously, Xfinity Series teams needed to fail inspection three times before a penalty was issued. On the third failure, a crew member would be ejected for the duration of the race weekend.

New Rule:

The NASCAR Xfinity Series playoffs will begin next week at Bristol Motor Speedway. And for that event, NASCAR has adjusted the rule book. Only two inspection failures will result in a crew member ejection.

The Xfinity Series playoffs begin on Friday September 15, 2023 in Bristol, TN.


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