NASCAR crew member catches fire during pit stop at Kansas (Video)

Watch the video as a crew member for William Byron catches fire during the playoff race

Last week, Chris Buescher had a fire in his pit stall during a pit stop at Darlington Raceway. As the car pulled away, the fire remained on the rear bumper of his car but was soon put out.

Watch the NASCAR fire video below.

In that scenario, fuel ran off the car and onto the ground. As soon as the crew member put the wheel gun to the left right wheel, sparks flew and it ignited the racing fuel.

On Sunday at Kansas Speedway, we saw a near identical scenario with a bit scarier of a result. This incident took place during a pit stop for William Byron’s No. 24 car.

The lug nut gun threw sparks, igniting the fuel. A fire was left in the pit lane.

The car pulled away, with the rear bumper on fire. And to make matters worse, the tire changer for the No. 24 also caught fire!

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Both the left arm and left leg of the tire changer remained on fire as the car pulled away. Eventually, the fire went out.

Tire changer Orane Ossowski was soon approached by the AMR safety team. They checked on him but the tire changer remained in his duties for the rest of the event.

Byron is one of 16 drivers in a NASCAR playoff battle.

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William Byron crew member on fire after pit stop


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