Chase Elliott says incident with Kyle Larson is a non-issue

Chase Elliott ran into teammate Kyle Larson while under caution at Kansas Speedway

Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott both race for Hendrick Motorsports. In Sunday’s race, the drivers ran out of space while exiting the pit lane.

As Brad Keselowski exited his stall, Larson had to turn hard right to avoid him. In the process he ran into the door of Elliott.

After they left the pit lane, Elliott swerved in retaliation. He knocked Larson in his right side door.

After the race, Elliott walked over to his teammate to have a conversation. Larson remained in his car as the two spoke briefly.

After the race, Elliott was asked about the contact with Larson. He oddly responded, “Oh, there was no message. No.”

It’s worth pointing out that in multiple scenarios of recent, NASCAR has penalized drivers after admitting fault after an event. That’s changed from years prior.

Earlier this season, Elliott himself was suspended after crashing Denny Hamlin at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Chase Elliott suspended by NASCAR for wrecking Denny Hamlin

Larson commented, “I hope when he sees the replay he understands that I didn’t have any space. Or not much, just inches. A bummer but I’m glad that neither of us got tore up there.

Both Larson and Elliott are NASCAR Cup Series champions. Elliott claimed the title in 2020 and Larson claimed the title in 2021.

However, for 2023 only Larson remains in the championship battle. Elliott missed the playoffs after missing several weeks due to a leg injury and was unable to claim a win to lock the No. 9 team into the playoffs.

Chase Elliott runs into Kyle Larson under caution at Kansas (Video)

Chase Elliott calls it a non-issue

On Tuesday, Elliott elaborated on the incident:

“There’s a lot that goes on. We obviously ran into each other on pit road and I didn’t have the full picture of what went on, so I was frustrated,” Chase Elliott stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

That stuff happens, for sure. But at the end of the day, I’ll certainly take the blame for my frustration on that front.”

“The good news is he and I can have a conversation like adults and it’s a non-issue. The bad news is, it’s a non-issue for all of y’all and everybody that wants to talk it.”

Elliott concluded, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

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