2017 Show Me 100 Lineups – Lucas Oil Speedway

Show Me 100 Line-Ups for Saturday, May 27, 2017 – Final night of the Show Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway

The lineups are set for the 2017 Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Friday night’s 1st and 2nd place runners are locked into a front row starting spot. Tim McCreadie and Jimmy Owens will lead the Show Me 100 field to the green.

2017 Show Me 100 Lineups 9721
Photo: Shane Walters

Friday night’s 1st and 2nd place runners fill our round two. Earl Pearson Jr will be starting from 3rd, Scott Bloomquist starts 4th. Mike Marlar completes the top 5 starters.

Payton Looney, converts track knowledge into a 6th place starting spot.

All Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series regulars have already qualified for the race with the exception of a few. Boom Briggs and Hudson O’Neal will be coming from B-Main #1, they are two of the 3 LOLMDS rookies. Gregg Satterlee, the other rookie qualified last night.

In short, only two more LOLMDS regulars need to qualify. Up to four provisionals can be provided for the Show Me 100 main event. They will all be in the show.

View the full Show Me 100 Lineups for the final night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Author: Shane Walters

Penske Racing Shocks B-Main #1 Line Up

15 Laps, Top 2 Transfer:

Jesse Stovall 0 777 Jared Landers
Chase Junghans 18J 33T Tim Manville
Chad Simpson 25 94 Austin Rettig
Justin Duty 15x 71 Hudson O’Neal
Jim Shereck 17s 77 Gavin Landers
Jon Mitchell 5M 99B Boom Briggs
Evan Hubert 9E 56R Jonathan Rowan
Bryon Allison 1A 99c Cliff Morrow
Daniel Jessen 17J

Fast Shafts B-Main #2 Line Up

15 Laps, Top 2 Transfer:

Logan Martin 36 18 Shannon Babb
Jason Rauen 98 5T Randy Timms
Joey Moriarty 51M 5d John Duty
Terry Phillips 75P 43 Jeremy Grady
Shannon Scott 4F 88 Wendell Wallace
Tanner Mullens 20T 1V Will Vaught
Cole Wells 10W 12 Scott Crigler
Bob King 45 6H Al Humphrey
Larry Jones 99J

Bad Boy Mowers B-Main #3 Line Up

15 Laps, Top 2 Transfer:

Jack Sullivan 18x 58 Dave Eckrich
Brantlee Gotschall 4G 56 Tony Jackson Jr.
Garrett Alberson F5 49 Jonathan Davenport
BJ Robinson 1b c8 Timothy Culp
Mason Oberkramer 93 R5 Chandler Petty
Jeff Herzog 11H J0 Jake O’Neil
JC Wyman 4W b29 Blonde Bomber Mitchell
Mike Stadel 81s 0x Jason Sivils
Tanner Kellick 3K

Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 Feature Line Up:

Tim McCreadie 39 20 Jimmy Owens
Earl Pearson Jr. 1 0 Scott Bloomquist
Mike Marlar 157 15P Payton Looney
Darrell Lanigan 14 25z Mason Zeigler
Don O’Neal 5 32c Chris Simpson
Steve Francis 15 20x Rodney Sanders
Josh Richards 1R 32 Bobby Pierce
Dennis Erb Jr. 28e 22 Gregg Satterlee
Billy Moyer 21 21JR Billy Moyer Jr.
B-Main 1 1st 1st B-Main 2
B-Main 3 1st 2nd B-Main 1
B-Main 2 2nd 2nd B-Main 3
LOLMDS Provisional 1 2 LOLMDS Provisional
MLRA Provisional 1 2 MLRA Provisional
LOLMDS Emergency 1 2 LOLMDS Emergency
Midwest Sheet Metal Challenge Winner Provisional Past Show-Me 100 Winner

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