Aric Almirola Update – Salt Water Therapy

Aric Almirola Medical Update – Weeks after Kansas Speedway Crash

Aric Almirola was injured last month in a crash at Kansas Speedway. The Richard Petty Motorsports driver details his recovery process. Read the Aric Almirola update below.

What happened? Almirola slid through oil and into an accident scene. Unable to slow down, he slammed into Danica Patrick and Joey Logano, who crashed well ahead of Almirola.

Aric Almirola Kansas Crash

Almirola went into the air on impact. When the car slammed into the pavent, it hit bare chassis. That sent all of the impact up through the drivers seat. Aric Almirola radio, “My back, my back!”

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Safety crews were very pro-active in preventing any further injury. They went to work, cutting the roof off and placing Almirola on a stretcher.

The following day, Aric was informed of the verdict. He suffered a compression fracture to his T5 Vertebra.

It’s now been a month and a handful of days since that crash at Kansas Speedway. Almirola is on track to get back into the racecar.

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So, what’s part of his recovery? Salt Water therapy.

Aric Almirola Update - After Crash at Kansas Speedway

Aric Almirola told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio, “The pain has started to ease up and go away.”

“Right now, it’s just really getting the flexibility of the spine back. Getting the mobility and range of motion and all back.”

“That’s just going to take time and physical therapy. We’ll just continue to wait on the doctor’s orders.

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