Kelley Earnhardt Miller reacts to Kevin Harvick’s statement on Dale Jr

Kelley Earnhardt Miller on being NASCAR’s most popular driver, “I think a lot of it has to do with personality.”

Kelley Earnhardt Miller is the sister to NASCAR’s most popular driver. She’s also the co-owner of JR Motorsports and daughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

As of a few minutes ago, she hadn’t heard the whole audio clip. What clip? Well if you haven’t heard it yet either. It’s the one where Kevin Harvick said, “I believe that Dale Jr has had a big part in kind of stunting the growth of NASCAR.”

Kelley Earnhardt said it sounded interesting, “I’m going to have to catch up and read that. To see what the fuss is all about. My goodness.”

Kelley Earnhardt Miller
Kelley Earnhardt Miller and brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dave Moody, host of Sirius XM Speedway offered to play her the full clip. But, she said she did play the 2 minute clip released by Sirius XM, she just hadn’t read or listened to the rest of the comments.

But she understood the basics stating, “You don’t have to play it. Essentially did he say, ‘The sport would be more popular if Dale had won championships.’ That’s basically what he said?”

Yes. That pretty much sums it up in layman’s.

Lady Earnhardt, “So, it you turn that around. What’s the reason Jimmie Johnson’s not popular? He’s won a lot of championships.”

In fact, Kevin Harvick asked that same question.

NASCAR's most popular driver - Dale Earnhardt Jr
NASCAR’s most popular driver – Dale Earnhardt Jr

K. Earnhardt says there’s a lot more to most popular driver than wins, “Well, I understand that too. But I think a lot of it has to do with personality. Which, Kevin certainly has one of those. And Dale’s certainly a personality.”

Kelley Earnhardt Miller concluded, “It’s interesting, for sure. That’s my word. When I’m not quite sure what to say I just say ‘It’s interesting’ ”

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Author: Shane Walters


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