NASCAR driver Joey Logano has new Ford GT delivered

Ever wondered about the walkthrough as a supercar is handed off to it’s new owner?

Team Penske driver Joey Logano was delivered a Ford GT supercar yesterday. A walkthrough was given from Steve, the Ford representative.

Want to learn some really cool stuff about the Ford GT? Watch the video below.

Joey Logano is excited to find the hidden cupholder. He voices, “Gotta have a cupholder man. I drove a car over here this morning without a cupholder. Apparently, the ’62 Corvette didn’t come with a cupholder.”

Joey Logano Car Collection - Ford GT delivered
Joey Logano’s Car Collection – Ford GT delivered

The big M, that’s manual mode. Logano, “That’s man mode.”

“Traction control? How do I shut that off? Like, really off.” The dashboards going to ask if you’re sure you want to do this? “And ya say, Hell ya!”

Joey Logano at Bristol Motor Speedway
Joey Logano at Bristol Motor Speedway

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Logano adjusts the volume button from the steering wheel. “The radio works.” That’s the only volume control on the car. “On the steering wheel? That’s awesome, now my wife can’t turn the music up so loud.”

Joey Logano Ford Supercar
Joey Logano finds the volume button in his new Ford Supercar

If Joey Logano is stopped on the side of the road, he’s got a tool in the tiny truck. A wrench. Logano, “That’s to beat everybody off that tries to rob me.” The wrench is actually used to force the car into neutral. It’s a similar thing to the F1 cars.

Joey Logano and Steve
Joey Logano and Steve discuss the wrench

“Everyone’s texting me right now about this car. My phone’s ringing off the freaking hook. Everyone wants a ride.”

The Ford representative explains some aero, “The car was producing way too much [front end] downforce, when the wing was in the down position.”

So to fix that, they put vents in the front splitter. Those vents close hydraulically when the rear spoiler goes up. More rear downforce means the car also need more front downforce. The whole car aero balances itself.

Joey Logano hears this, “That’s probably the coolest thing you’ve said so far. I need that for my racecar too.”

Joey Logano Supercar
Joey Logano checks the front spitter vents on his new Ford GT Supercar

This was my biggest take away from the video. The Ford GT is coil-binded in track mode. When you push the track mode button, a rod pulls down and compresses the spring. At that point, you’re riding on the torsion bar. Essentially, NASCAR racecars are doing this very thing, with bump stops. Steve from Ford says, “It’s the only road car we’ve found that does this.”

Steve, the Ford representative states, “If it’s below 45 degree’s fahrenheit, don’t drive the car.” That’s a request from Michelin on the tires. “They’ve got zero grip. So, when it’s snowing outside I would take something else.” Put chains on? “If you read the owner’s manual. It says, ‘Don’t put chains on.’ You’re not allowed to tow a trailer and you’re not allowed to put chains on.”

Joey Logano is bummed about that. “Oh man, those are the two things I wanted to do with this.”

Logano had thought of the GT Racing School, “One key thing. Never beat up your own car. Make sure someone else owns it. You wanna drive for somebody.”

Joey Logano Ford GT delivered
Joey Logano Ford GT delivered

Unfortunately, he can’t drive it yet anyway. The #22 Ford GT is a matte black paint. It will chip. The solution is to use a ultra clear 3M material. It will take 4 weeks for that to happen.

Watch the Joey Logano Ford GT walkthrough video below.

Author: Shane Walters

Joey Logano walks through the Ford GT design

GT 40 delivered to Joey Logano


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