NASCAR denies reports that Brian France is interested in buying Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers ownership – NASCAR interest?

Yesterday, it was reported by WCNC that NASCAR CEO Brian France was leading a group of individuals looking to purchase the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are soon to be up for sale. Over the course of the last month, it’s been rumored that ownership of the Charlotte, North Carolina NFL team has interest from several members of the NASCAR community.

It was reported that the head of NASCAR had interest. 30 minutes later, NASCAR issued a brief statement denying those claims.

“NASCAR denies the accuracy of the WCNC report. Brian France is not involved,” NASCAR stated in the announcement.

North Carolina Panthers
North Carolina Panthers

Current team owner Jerry Richardson has announced that he will sell the team after the 2018 season. Recently, Richardson reached a settlement with four former employee’s. Those employee’s were accusing the NFL team owner of sexual and/or racial discrimination.

The team will be official put up for sale after the last game of the season. If the Panthers loose this weekend, that would put the team on the market come Sunday.

There’s a lot of people interested in owning the Carolina Panthers. Music star, Puffy, Diddy, P-Diddy, Brother Love, Love or whatever he’s calling himself this week released a video on Instagram expressing his interest in the team.

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NASCAR CEO Brian France
LAS VEGAS, NV – NOVEMBER 30: NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France speaks as NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks on during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series awards at Wynn Las Vegas on November 30, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

On the NASCAR side of things, NASCAR team co-owner Felix Sabates has admitted interest. He’s also stated that he’s put a group together to make it happen.

Sabates currently holds a minority ownership stake in an NBA team. He’s the co-owner of the Charlotte Hornets, another North Carolina sports team.

It’s been circulating for the previous several weeks that members of the NASCAR community have been teaming up to make an offer for the team.

“They’re not looking to make money. They’re looking for appreciation long term,” Sabates told ESPN. “For us, staying in this community, staying in this TV market, is very important.”

Most of NASCAR is based in Charlotte, NC with the exception of the championship winning team, of course. Naturally, it’s a sports town with a lot of sports fans who happen to hold large checkbooks.

When the team goes up for sale, it’s likely the new owners will also have some affiliation to NASCAR. Most of the rumored interest has circled the NASCAR community.


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