Dale Earnhardt Jr is interested in Carolina Panthers ownership

Dale Earnhardt Jr: “a good Charlotte NFL team is good for the city of Charlotte”

The Carolina Panthers are up for sale. For the past several months it’s been rumored that many within the NASCAR industry have interest in the Charlotte, NC team.

Add one more confirmed name to that list, Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR’s most popular driver, for 15 consecutive years has interest.

Last week, Felix Sabates stated that he was a part of a group looking to make a bid on the NFL team. He stated that two race car drivers were on his field.

Dale Earnhardt Jr was not one of those two drivers. However, after the news broke that Marcus Smith was interested, Dale Earnhardt Jr gave Marcus a call to express interest in minority ownership.

Carolina Panthers - NFL
Carolina Panthers – NFL

Dale Earnhardt Jr expresses interest in NFL team

“[Felix] did not ask me to be involved,” Earnhardt told the AP. “I did call Marcus and I said, ‘Hey, Marcus, if you guys are in the middle of it and you think it’s a good business deal, I definitely have some interest.’ But I am not one of the guys that Felix is talking about.”

“I wouldn’t have the kind of money where I would move the needle too much, but it would be something to have a lot of pride in, and a good Charlotte NFL team is good for the city of Charlotte,” Earnhardt said.

“I wish them success because of what it does for our community, not only from a pride standpoint but [from] an economical standpoint. I wouldn’t be a big player, and it wouldn’t be an investment that would really create a big change in my life.”

“But I certainly would love to be supportive to the team and the success of the team to the community. That means a lot to me,” Earnhardt concluded.

Dale Earnhardt Jr - NASCAR
Dale Earnhardt Jr – NASCAR

Today, Dale Earnhardt Jr announced that he would be working with NBC on more than just NASCAR coverage. He will also help cover the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

Dale Jr is a known football fan. His passion lies with the Washington Redskins. However, he has stated in the past that his wife is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers.

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s estimated net worth is $300 million.


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