NASCAR discrimination lawsuit for $500 million dropped

Terrance Cox has dropped his $500 million racial discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR

In 2016, the owner of Diversity Motorsports filed a lawsuit for $500 million against NASCAR.

The team planned to partner with ‘Steve Harvey Races 4 Education’. However, according to Terrance Cox, NASCAR told Steve Harvey, “it would never approve a team with Diversity Motorsports.”

“I wish he had some money so I could sue him. But he ain’t got none.,” Steve Harvey said of Terrance Cox back in 2016 as his name was brought into the lawsuit filing.

Terrance Cox, CEO of Diversity Motorsports stated that his attempts to make NASCAR more racial diverse were shot down by the sanctioning body. He claimed NASCAR did not made any efforts to have corporate sponsors support an African-American owned team.

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In the midst to the lawsuit, a series of smear campaigns surfaced on social media for several years. Those campaigns targeted a number of organizations. Each of each included NASCAR. Other targets were Camping World, Brian France and just about every major sponsor listed in NASCAR.

A bulk of those surfaced during the release of the CARS 3 film. BLM members were encouraged to attend meetings and join the Boycott against Disney, NASCAR and Monster Energy.

Note: CARS 3 featured Bubba Wallace voicing the character Bubba Wheelhouse.

Disney CARS NASCAR boycott
Disney CARS NASCAR boycott

On Sunday, African American driver Bubba Wallace made his first start as a full-time NASCAR driver. He went on to finish 2nd in the event.

With the runner-up finish, he becomes the highest finishing African American in the Great American Race. The previous mark was set over 50 years ago by Wendell Scott in 1966.

Now, the racial discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR has been dropped. He voluntarily dropped the lawsuit in exchange for NASCAR’s agreement not to seek fees, expenses or sanctions against him.

“From the very outset, Terrence Cox’s allegations were baseless publicity stunts without any merit or factual backing,” NASCAR stated to ESPN.

“We are not surprised that Mr. Cox has chosen to drop this matter and we remain committed to providing a working environment that promotes diversity, equality and respect for one another in everything we do,” the statement concluded.


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