NASCAR is involved in sponsorship search for Danica Patrick / Bubba Wallace

NASCAR’s only female and only African American are in search of sponsorship

Having a female or an African American in NASCAR, is a great thing for the sport.

Danica Patrick has run full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series since 2013. She made a part-time debut in 2012. However, for 2018, she doesn’t have a ride. Why? Mostly due to a lack of sponsorship.

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NASCAR's female driver looking for sponsors
NASCAR’s female driver looking for sponsors

At the same time, Bubba Wallace was primed to become a full-time driver at Richard Petty Motorsports. Out of the blue, a handshake deal might or might not have been broken and Smithfield Foods pulled it’s 2018 sponsorship from the team

That’s left Bubba Wallace without a sponsor and without a contract. He’s currently in search of a sponsor. If he finds one, he’ll likely end up at Richard Petty Motorsports.

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African American NASCAR driver seeking sponsorship
African American NASCAR driver seeking sponsorship

Is NASCAR helping Bubba Wallace and Danica Patrick?

“We get involved all the time with sponsorship arrangements with individual teams,” Brian France told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“That’s not inconsistent with what we do. As far as those two drivers, of course we would like to see both of them have a real good opportunity.”

“We can’t control all that. At the end of the day, you gotta compete. Both of those drivers have shown that they can compete at some level. The questions is, is it high enough to attract the right sponsorship and interest.”

“We’ll have to see how that plays out.”

Danica Patrick sponsorship search
Danica Patrick

NASCAR seeking sponsors

To me, that’s really neat. You’d think that when NASCAR is out seeking sponsors, they’d be saving those deals for themselves. Series sponsors, even on a minor scale are also important too.

This is the first time I’ve heard this. NASCAR is helping their teams, in an un-greedy way. For the betterment of the NASCAR industry.

Have you ever heard of the NFL locating sponsors for their players? The NBA? It’s pretty cool to hear NASCAR is helping out and that they do it regularly, not just for these two drivers.

Author: Shane Walters


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