Chase Howard’s sprint car trailer was temporarily lost in a ditch

The story behind the sprint car that was lost in transit

By now, I’d say most of you have seen the photos. Here’s the story…

Chase Howard loaded up their enclosed trailer, the open trailer, attached both and left Nesbit, Mississippi for 104 Speedway in Lexington, TN. The 3/8 mile semi-banked dirt track sits a brief two hours from their Mississippi race shop.

“The race was good really fun place to race at, although I was pushed up the track by someone else, slammed the outside wall and didn’t get to finish. Extremely dusty though can’t see much but it’s a really nice place to race and I think every track owner should be more like the owner of 104,” Chase Howard explained to .

However, a lot of things can still go wrong. Even on the shortest of road trips.

On the way home, the open trailer and the sprint car became lost in transit. The trailer ended up detached and stranded in a ditch with the car still ratchet strapped to the flat bed.

Fans who left the track stopped to take photos of the trailer that remained upright. Meanwhile, the team continued down the road for a few miles. Eventually, they realized the second trailer was lost from the rig.

“Back trailer came unhooked. We turned and it ran off so we didn’t notice for a while.”

4 miles in reverse, their trailer was resting comfortably in the ditch. They circled back. The car was unharmed.

But, how did that happen?

There’s a prequel to this story. Before the sprint car was lost in the ditch, the team also lost a tire from the enclosed trailer. Those two things are likely related.

“I think one of the crew members didn’t lock it. Then we also lost a tire on the enclosed trailer (happens every now and then). I think when the enclosed tire came off it hit the open trailer. Since it wasn’t locked it knocked it off the ball, we turned and there it went.”

Chalk this one up to life on the road! #RacingProblems. All kinds of crazy things can happen out there.

“It’s a part of it.”

The team picked up the sprint car and the trailer just a few minutes after it was temporarily lost. They then drove both trailers home minus the 1 wheel on their enclosed trailer.

This weekend, the sprint car racing team is trying to get back at it. Howard racing has plans to run with the USCS at the 3-8-mile clay oval of ECM Speedway located in Bremen, Alabama. They’ll be back!

Just like any race team, the sprint car team is currently seeking sponsors for the new racing season. I see a golden opportunity for a ratchet strap sponsor.


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