Show-Me 100 Results: May 26, 2018 – Lucas Oil Late Models

Lucas Oil Speedway results from May 26, 2018 featuring the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Tonight, it’s the first crown jewel Lucas Oil Late Model race of the season. The 2018 Show-Me 100 is just about to get underway here at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. The main event winner will hit the road with a check for $30,000.

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May 24 | May 25 | May 26

Cliff Morrow, Bryon Allison, JC Wyman, Billy Moyer JR and Joseph Gorby have all scratched ahead of the final night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Scott Bloomquist has never won the Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway. He’s won the event, 4 times. He just hasn’t done it since the race moved to Lucas Oil Speedway. Tonight, he’ll start from the pole in a car that he calls the best one he’s ever had here.

B Main 1 – Report

Jesse Stovall and Will Vaught line up on row one for the first LCQ of the night. Green, Stovall runs a little wide into turn 1. Satterlee is on the gas around the top. Stovall slides into the nose of Satterlee, the #22 goes around. Complete restart.

Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway 8628
Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway 8628

Green, Vaught wins the race off turn 2. Stovall and Satterlee both head for the bottom in turn 3. Stovall pulls even with the leader but Vaught carries the momentum around the top to hold the lead.

Lap 6, Stovall has another run. He cuts to to the bottom again in turn 3. Stovall nearly clears him but Vaught powers by again on the outside lane.

Lap 10, John Duty is around in turn 1. He heads for the pit area.

Green, Satterlee gets the jump on the outside! They bang fenders into turn 1. Gavin Landers is sideways in turn 3, Roth slides across his boss. Landers is off on the hook. The lap was complete, Satterlee leads.

Green, Satterlee leads by 3 car lengths into turn 1.

Two to go, Stovall is around Vaught for the final transfer spot! Up the road, Satterlee cruises to the win.

B Main 2 – Report

Jimmy Mars and Earl Pearson Jr trail the pace truck ahead of B main number two. Green flag, Pearson leads into and out of turn 1. Shannon Babb is up to 2nd, he rolled by Mars on the outside.

Earl Pearson Jr, Shannon Babb and Jimmy Mars at Lucas Oil Speedway 8693
Earl Pearson Jr, Shannon Babb and Jimmy Mars at Lucas Oil Speedway 8693

Trouble at the back. Several cars are around in turn 1 on lap 2.

Green, Pearson kicks it to the top in turn 1. Shannon Babb trails in his tracks.

Lap 6, slow car on the track. The caution is out.

Green, Pearson and Babb check out on the field. They’ll both transfer into the main event.

B Main 3 – Report

The Rocket camp, Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards will lead the field to the green in the final B main if the night. Green, they head side by side into turn 1. Richards swings to the lead on the outside of turn 2.

Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards at Lucas Oil Speedway 8787
Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards at Lucas Oil Speedway 8787

Spinner in turn 3, multiple cars collected, the caution is out.

Green, same thing. This time Richards gets a better launch. He leads by a nose on the high side of turn 1.

Spinner, the caution is out. Green, another spin and another caution.

10 to go, the green flag is out. Richards launches through the bumps in turn 3. Mason Oberkramer challenges Sheppard for 2nd. They bangs doors off turn 2 and Oberkramer gets sideways. Oberkramer is sideways down the straight, he collects it but loses a position. Spinner, caution.

Green, Richards is gone. Oberkramer slides Sheppard in turn 4. Sheppard has to jump on the brakes as Oberkramer slides across the nose. They stack up behind them as an unrelated car stalls and Tyler Erb jumps over a car as they form a road block.

Green, Sheppard loses another position. Tyler Erb is around in turn 4, caution.

Green, Richards hits a bump in turn 3, his car jumps up the hill. He holds onto the lead. Richards drives to the win and Oberkramer takes the final transfer spot.

Midwest Sheet Metal Challenge – Report

Only the winner will transfer into tonight’s main event. Jake Davis and Jimmy Mars will lead the field to the green flag. Green, Davis gets the jump he leads by a car length into turn 1.

Davis is on the brakes hard through the middle. Mars jumps to the cushion on the outside. Mars powers by on the outside as they split Davis off turn 2.

Lap 7, Mars is gone. Spin in turn 3, caution.

Green, Logan Martin dives to the inside in turn 1. He’s nearly clear but Mars holds the position on the high side of the track. Martin slows in turn 3. The caution is out.

Green, Chase Junghans attempts the slider in turn 3. He doesn’t clear him. The red is out as Matt Furman collects the wall in turn 3.

Caution. Caution. Pile up.

Lap 15, 7 cars remain with 5 laps to go in the LCQ. 24 cars started the race.

Jimmy Mars takes the win. He had the choice to take the $2,500 or start dead last in the Show-Me 100. Mars has elected to start from the tail.

Main Event – Report

Both Clint Bowyer Racing machines will be gifted a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series provisional. Don O’Neal and Darrell Lanigan will both start at the tail. Tony Jackson Jr and Will Vaught are the recipients of the MLRA provisionals.

There’s a mad scramble in the pit area of the Jesse Stovall machine. He claimed a transfer spot through the B Main. However, several crews are currently working to swap out the engine.

Jimmy Owens was 3 tenths quicker than the field in A main hot laps.

Fireworks at Lucas Oil Speedway 8947
Fireworks at Lucas Oil Speedway 8947

It’s a 100 lap main event at Lucas Oil Speedway. The winner is set to head home with a check for $30,000. The four wide salute is rolling and we’re ready to go racing.

Green, Bloomquist and Owens race side by side through turn 1. Owens noses ahead off turn 2. Bloomquist fights back in turn 3. Owens pulls away off turn 4.

Scott Bloomquist and Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway 8993
Scott Bloomquist and Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway 8993

Lap 6, Bloomquist runs back down. Bloomquist cuts to the bottom in turn 1. Owens holds the position off turn 2. Jimmy Owens drops to the bottom lane. Bloomquist will need a new lane.

Lap 13, the leaders race through lap traffic. Owens moves high to have a look around the lappers. Owens hits a bump in turn 3, he washes up the hill and Bloomquist looks to the inside. Bloomquist to the lead!

Lap 22, now Bloomquist runs the middle to work around lappers. Owens dives to the bottom in turn 3. He completes the pass in turn 1. Owens back to the top of the board.

Lap 24, Mason Zeigler is slow on the front stretch. The caution is out.

Green, Owens leads. Jared Landers started 14th. He’s up to 6th.

Lap 35, Owens leads by 1.5 seconds over Bloomquist.

Lap 45, Jared Landers is around in turn 4! The caution is out. Billy Moyer hits the pits and returns.

Green, Owens leads. Stovall and Moyer exit the track under green.

Lap 68, McCreadie is up to 6th from 13th.

Lap 69, big trouble for the leader in turn 4! Owens is around! He was attempting to lap Earl Pearson Jr. Owens was sideways under him but Pearson swung back by on the high side. As Owens rear end was kicked out to avoid contact, their spoilers touched and Pearson pulled him around as he went back by. Freak accident if I’ve ever seen one. No damage for Owens but he’s going to the tail. Bloomquist inherits the lead.

Green, Bloomquist leads Shirley.

Lap 78, bigger problems for Owens. He was back up to 16th. However, he jumped the cushion in turn 3, the rear snacked the wall. That whipped the front end around and he hit the wall with the front. Owens pulls it directly to the pit lane.

Brian Shirley and Bobby Pierce at Lucas Oil Speedway 9108
Brian Shirley and Bobby Pierce at Lucas Oil Speedway 9108

Green, Pierce and Shirley swap 2nd. They swap once more. Lap 81, Landers slows down the front, caution.

Green, Pierce has found speed at the edge of the race track. He drives around Shirley and pulls to the rear bumper of Bloomquist.

Pierce fades, Bloomquist drives away and Shirley is back around Pierce. Shannon Babb pulls off the track under green.

Lap 90, Bloomquist leads by 10 car lengths.

Bloomquist wins the Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway!

Scott Bloomquist in victory lane with his wife and daughter 9150
Scott Bloomquist in victory lane with his wife and daughter 9150

Next weekends event at LaSalle Speedway has been canceled. The next stop for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is the Clash at the Mag. That race will run June 14-16 at Magnolia Motor Speedway in Columbus, MS.

View full Lucas Oil Speedway results below.

B Main 1 – RESULTS
May 26, 2018

15 laps:

1. Gregg Satterlee; 2. Jesse Stovall; 3. Jake Davis; 4. Will Vaught; 5. Chase Junghans; 6. Jack Sullivan; 7. Jeff Roth; 8. Joe Godsey; 9. Mitch McGrath; 10. Brad Looney; 11. Gavin Landers; 12. Justin Duty; 13. Al Humphrey; 14. Blonde Bomber Mitchell;

B Main 2 – RESULTS
May 26, 2018

15 laps:

1. Earl Pearson Jr; 2. Shannon Babb; 3. Jimmy Mars; 4. Austin Siebert; 5. Don O’Neal; 6. Frank Heckenast Jr; 7. Scott Crigler; 8. Matt Furman; 9. Kolby Vandenbergh; 10. Raymond Merrill; 11. Darrell Lanigan; 12. Kaeden Cornell; 13. Tony Jackson Jr; 14. Cole Wells;

B Main 3 – RESULTS
May 26, 2018

15 laps:

1. Josh Richards; 2. Mason Oberkramer; 3. Cade Dillard; 4. Logan Martin; 5. Brandon Sheppard; 6. Joey Moriarty; 7. JC Wyman; 8. Tyler Erb; 9. Dave Eckrich; 10. Reid Millard; 11. Payton Looney; 12. Jeremy Grady; 13. Mark Burgtorf;

Midwest Sheet Metal Challenge – RESULTS
May 26, 2018

20 laps:

1. Jimmy Mars; 2. Chase Junghans; 3. Jack Sullivan; 4. Brandon Sheppard; 5. Frank Heckenast Jr; 6. Austin Siebert; 7. Caeden Cornell; 8. Dave Eckrich; 9. Kolby Vandenbergh; 10. Scott Crigler; 11. Mitch McGrath; 12. John Duty; 13. Jeff Roth; 14. JC Wyman; 15. Joe Godsey; 16. Matt Furman; 17. Cade Dillard; 18. Al Humphrey; 19. Jake Davis; 20. Logan Martin; 21. Reid Millard; 22. Payton Looney; 23. Brad Looney; 24. Tyler Erb;

Lucas Oil Speedway
May 26. 2018

Pos | Driver

1. Scott Bloomquist

2. Brian Shirley

3. Mike Marlar

4. Bobby Pierce

5. Chris Simpson

6. Tim McCreadie

7. Dennis Erb Jr

8. Jonathan Davenport

9. Hudson O’Neal

10. Gregg Satterlee

11. Josh Richards

12. Chad Simpson

13. Earl Pearson Jr

14. Shanon Buckingham

15. Don O’Neal

16. BJ Robinson

17. Kyle Bronson

18. Will Vaught

19. Darrell Lanigan

20. Mason Oberkramer

21. Shannon Babb

22. Jared Landers

23. Jimmy Owens

24. Billy Moyer

25. Jesse Stovall

26. Austin Rettig

27. Mason Zeigler

28. Jimmy Mars

29. Tony Jackson Jr

Scott Bloomquist, Brian Shirley and Mike Marlar in the Show-Me 100 9179
Scott Bloomquist, Brian Shirley and Mike Marlar in the Show-Me 100 9179

Entrants: 66
Lap Leaders: Jimmy Owens (Laps 1 – 14); Scott Bloomquist (Laps 15 – 22); Jimmy Owens (Laps 23 – 69); Scott Bloomquist (Laps 70 – 100)
Wrisco Feature Winner: Scott Bloomquist
Margin of Victory: 3.012 seconds
Cautions: Mason Zeigler (Lap 23); Jared Landers (Lap 45); Jimmy Owens (Lap 69); Jimmy Owens (Laps 78); Jared Landers (Lap 81)
Series Provisionals: Don O’Neal, Darrell Lanigan
MLRA Series Provisionals: Tony Jackson Jr., Will Vaught
Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge Provisional: Jimmy Mars
Optima Batteries Hard Charger of the Race: Dennis Erb Jr. (Advanced 10 Positions)
Midwest Sheet Metal Spoiler Challenge Point Leader: Jonathan Davenport
Allstar Performance Power Move of the Race: Mike Marlar
Sunoco Race for Gas Highest Finisher: Mike Marlar
Hot Rod Processing Rookie of the Race: Kyle Bronson
COMP Cams Engine Builder of the Race: Durham Racing Engines
Ohlins Shocks Chassis Builder of the Race: Sweet-Bloomquist Race Cars
Outerwears Crew Chief of the Race: Cody Mallory (Scott Bloomquist)
Fastest Lap of the Race: Jimmy Owens (Lap #1 – 15.953 seconds)
STEEL-IT Most Laps Led: Jimmy Owens (61 Laps)
Dirty Girl Racewear Farthest Traveler: Justin Duty
PFC Brakes Pole Award: Scott Bloomquist
Time of Race: 46 minutes 43 seconds


Pos | Driver
Points | Earnings

1. Jonathan Davenport
3410 | $104,800

2. Scott Bloomquist
3150 | $107,675

3. Josh Richards
3085 | $75,500

4. Earl Pearson Jr
3075 | $69,300

5. Bobby Pierce
3050 | $72,150

6. Tim McCreadie
2985 | $50,550

7. Don O’Neal
2870 | $43,775

8. Hudson O’Neal
2860 | $46,775

9. Jimmy Owens
2780 | $46,000

10. Darrell Lanigan
2710 | $34,000

11. Kyle Bronson
2660 | $50,675

12. Gregg Satterlee
2580 | $34,350

13. Dennis Erb Jr
2570 | $29,725

14. Mason Zeigler
2430 | $23,125


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