NASCAR fan climbs the fence during the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Video)

The excitement was on the opposite side of the fence at Charlotte Motor Speedway

As Kyle Busch stunk up the show in the Coca-Cola 600, a man amused the crowd on his own. A NASCAR fan climbed the fence last night at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

He sat at the top of the fence, just as it rolls horizontal at the top. Once hand was busy operating a cell phone camera as the other hand grabbed tight to the catch fence.

‘Underneath him, race cars clicked by at an average speed of 190 mph. It’s a great spot to get a good snapchat video, I guess.

He remained on the fence as security approached. In previous cases, security just enticed fans to come down from the fence.

In this case, the security officer climbed the fence to get him. He first grabbed him by the leg. Initially, the man put up a fight. With the phone still in his hand, he reached up to take one last photo.

The security yanked on his leg once more. The NASCAR fan finally realized he wasn’t going to win the tug of war battle.

The khaki wearing man gave up the fight and started to climb off the fence. The security then grabbed him by the back of his pants to make sure of it as he walked him down the fence with the full moon shining bright as the back of his pants stretched from the tug.

NASCAR fan climbs the fence in the Coca-Cola 600
NASCAR fan climbs the fence in the Coca-Cola 600

Previous cases

The first time this happened, NASCAR threw a caution at Richmond International Raceway in 2014. However, it’s happened several times in recent years. Since the first time, the sanction has left the race green without interference. They did they same last night in Concord, NC.

In June 2017, 43-year-old, John Infanti climbed the fence at Dover International Speedway. The race continued.

Infanti was charged with the following: trespass 2nd degree, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest with force (felony), offensive touching of law enforcement.

The name of man who climbed the fence at Charlotte Motor Speedway has yet to be released.

NASCAR fans climbs the fence at Charlotte Motor Speedway


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