NASCAR fan pokes through catch fence hole during the race at Kentucky (Video)

The excitement was on the wrong side of the fence at Kentucky Speedway

As Martin Truex Jr drove to victory lane in dominating fashion, fans were entertained by stupidity on the other side of the fence.

There was another fan that approached the catch fence at a NASCAR event. This time, it happened on Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series event.

Watch the videos below as the NASCAR fan reaches through the catch at Kentucky Speedway.

In previous cases, fans attempted or successfully climbed the fence. This NASCAR fan took a different approach to his Darwin candidate predecessors.

Why climb the fence when they have little cut out areas to accomplish the same thing? Those cut outs are for photographers and the robotic cameras. It’s a little fenced in area where the fencing does not obstruct the camera image. It’s an area strictly disallowed for fans.

That’s what this Kurt Busch fan elected to try out. He jumped from the grandstand onto the lower area in front of the fence that separates the race track from the grandstand attendance.

First, the man went to the fence and put his arms through to signal to certain drivers. That wasn’t enough. He stepped it up a notch by locating the open area in the corner fencing.

From there, he reached in waist deep. With his entire torso beyond the catch fence the man showed fists to competitors. He didn’t stay there long, he soon ran away from his hiding spot behind the wall.

Multiple reports from fans state that this man was drunk. Other reports say the same man attempted to fight several people.

It’s a dangerous spot to stand. The photo below only highlights that point.

There has been no statement from NASCAR official or the race track on this incident. An attempt to locate a possible Kentucky police report came up short as well.

Mikhail Aleshin Crash Indycar Driver In Serious Condition Fontana Hole In Fence
Mikhail Aleshin Crash – Indycar driver hits the catch fence

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time a fan has approached the catch fence for a better view at a NASCAR event. As in this most recent case, the green flag has remained.

In early additions of this stunt, NASCAR threw a caution. The first time this happened it was at Richmond International Speedway, several years ago. That first case brought out the yellow as security retrieved the wandering fan.

However, officials haven’t thrown a yellow for this circumstance in several years. It’s the right call. It’s not good to let a drunk fan control the outcome of an event.

The most recent time this happened was at the Coca-Cola 600 in May. A man climbed the fence and was pulled down by a security guard.

In 2017, a fan climbed the fence at Dover International Speedway. He was hit with a full list of changes including: Trespass 2nd Degree; Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Arrest with Force (felony); Offensive Touching of Law Enforcement.

Watch the video of Saturday’s catch fence scene below.

Man reaches through catch fence during NASCAR event at Kentucky

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