Aric Almirola vs Matt DiBenedetto at Pocono Raceway

Aric Almirola comments on the altercation: “I hate it for him that he didn’t finish 25th. But, it’s called racing.”

DiBenedetto spun out Almirola after the race at Pocono Raceway

Aric Almirola and Matt DiBenedetto were in a fierce battle for 25th on the final lap at Pocono Raceway. DiBenedetto was under the impression that Almirola slid across his nose when he wasn’t clear.

Watch the on-track and off-track confrontation between Aric Almirola and Matt DiBenedetto below.

Yhey crossed the finish line, Almirola finished 25th and DiBenedetto finished 26. However, on the cool down lap DiBenedetto played a game of bumper cars. The #32 moved to the inside of the #10 he then hooked him in the left rear, turning Almirola on the straight-away.

The race cars then went for the pit lane. Almirola climbed from his car with the helmet on. DiBenedetto was coming, helmet off. The two exchanged a few words before walking away.

Radio communication

They were hot on the radio button…

“Screw him Dude! He clears himself on me off a damn two and runs into me,” DiBenedetto voiced to his team over the radio.

“I don’t know what the #32’s so pissed off at,” Almirola said via the radio on Sunday.

Matt DiBenedetto vs Aric Almirola - NASCAR
Matt DiBenedetto vs Aric Almirola – NASCAR

Almirola comments on Matt DiBenedetto

Yesterday, Almirola called into the radio to speak on the altercation…

“He was frustrated or upset I guess that I passed him on the last lap,” Aric Almirola stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“I don’t know. I guess he thought I shouldn’t race for 25th. I race for every spot, all race long. I don’t care if it’s for 25th or for the lead. I guess he thought I should have let him finish 25th. I wasn’t going to do that.”

“So, I passed him in the tunnel turn on the last lap. He said I took his line away from him. He was upset about it.”

“I don’t know, I hate it for him that he didn’t finish 25th. But, it’s called racing.”

“I was baffled after the race when he come and run into the side of me. Then, spun me out. I couldn’t wrap my head around what he was so upset about.”

“I understand. I guess when you’re running back there and you’re fighting to stay on the lead lap week in and week out… And you know, racing like that, 25th is a big deal.”

“But, I was racing. I caught him off turn 1, drove underneath of him and pass him. We came back to the checkered… I finished 25th and he finished behind me. And apparently, he was pretty upset about it.”

Matt DiBenedetto heard this interview yesterday. DiBurrito responded with a meme, which is posted below.

Dude Wipes

Matt DiBenedetto brought a new sponsor with him to Pocono Raceway. Dude Wipes is better known as ‘The Best Wrapper Alive’. The company produces cleanly wipes for the ass end side of a human being.

The sponsor chimed in on the topic…

“Ok, so the official report is the Almirola used the last of DiBurrito’s DUDE Wipes. Something that would drive any man mad,” Dude Wipes tweeted.

They also captioned an image of the confrontation: “Bro! You stealing my DUDE Wipes?”

No comment has been released from Smithfield Foods.


Aric Almirola discusses the incident with Matt DiBenedetto

Matt DiBenedetto vs Aric Almirola


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