Huset’s Speedway: Winner of ‘The Race’ will win the keys to the race track

Huset’s Speedway is hosting one of the largest prizes in the history of United States auto racing; Giving the track away to a race winner

Huset’s Speedway is located in Brandon, South Dakota. It opened in 1954 and in 2015 new owner, Chuck Brennan brought a name change to Badlands Motor Speedway.

In 2016, the new owner pumped a large check into the facility. Depending on which track press release or track real estate listing you read, those upgrades were anywhere from $6 million to $18,000,000.

The dirt track is state of the art. It features all the latest technology, including an HD video screen.

Badlands Motor Speedway closes

Chuck Brennan is also the owner of Las Vegas based Dollar Loan Center. The company operated in the state of South Dakota until new laws were passed in 2016.

In November 2016, a bill was passed that limits short term loans to 36% APR. The Dollar Loan Center were under the impression that they were in compliance with the new law.

However, the South Dakota Division of Banking thought otherwise and in 2017 they revoked their lending licences throughout the state. This forced the Dollar Loan Center to exit the state.

The Dollar Loan Center continues to operate in Navada, Utah and California. Brennan responded to the new state law by pulling all of his South Dakota business operations, not just loans. He put up a full list of properties up for sale from race tracks to radio stations.

The track closed officially closed it’s gates on May 18, 2017. It’s been for sale ever since.

“Effective immediately we are permanently closing the Badlands Entities and putting all of the properties and assets on the market for sale,” the 2017 statement read.

It continued, “We are optimistic that we will find some new owners for all of these properties so that the folks will continue to invest in the economic future of Sioux Falls,” the 2017 statement read.

At the end of 2018, current owner Chuck Brennan said that if the track was not sold then he would demolish the speedway.

Former dirt track owner, Steve Rubin stepped in the save the track. Brennan delayed the demolition while Rubin gathered financing.

There was a deadline in place, that was extended. Then, the extended deadline also passed. After several months, Brennan did not hear from Rubin.

Now, Brennan has a brand new bold plan to unload the speedway…

Huset's Speedway
Huset’s Speedway

‘The Race’ at Huset’s Speedway

In an interesting twist, the track will now be handed to the sprint car driver that wins ‘The Race’.

That victory will include the the 70+ acres of land, the track, the buildings, the lights, the name, the website and the billboards.

If the winner does not want the track, they will be given the option of a $3,600,000 cash bounty.

“The most epic race in US Dirt Racing History is happening in Brandon, SD right after the Knoxville Nationals! The Legendary Huset’s Speedway is hosting THE Race which boasts most likely the largest racing purse ever in the history of United States Racing,” the website reads.

The entry fee for the event will sit at $200,000.

On Tuesday, August 13, 2019 THE Race will take place at the Legendary Huset’s Speedway in Brandon, SD. The race will feature 410 Winged Sprint Cars from all across the country.

There will be a minimum of 18 cars and a maximum of 36 cars. The race will follow the standard World of Outlaws rules for specs and technical inspection.

The entry fee for each car will be a non-refundable $200,000. Land Title Guaranty Company with the legal team of Meierhenry Sargent LLP in Sioux Falls, South Dakota are handling the transaction of the event payout.

“I’ve had the 70+ acre venue on the market for over a year at $9,450,000 and it’s not sold yet,” said track owner Chuck Brennan.

“We thought this would be an amazing way to find a new owner for the track and hold the biggest Sprint Car race ever at the same time. This race will happen if we get to a minimum of 18 cars,” Brennan concluded.

Huset’s Speedway
The Race – Details

The cost per car in the race will be a non-refundable $200,000 deposit.

Land Title Guaranty Company with the legal team of Meierhenry Sargent LLP in Sioux Falls, South Dakota handling the transactions.

Once the contracts are complete and the proper accounts set up, the drivers, race teams, sponsors, or individuals will be able to wire their $200,000 non refundable place holder into the Land Title Guaranty Company to hold their spot in the race.

There will be a MINIMUM of 18 cars required to enter for the race to happen.

The MAXIMUM number of cars allowed in the race will be 36.

410 Winged Sprint Cars only. 

This will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis only! In the unlikely circumstance we do not hit the 18 participant number, then the race will simply not happen and the funds will be immediately returned.

Open entry will be available from the time the contracts are ready to sign until exactly one week prior to the event happening (August 6, 2019).

Anyone entering AFTER the registration deadline would have to pay a $75,000 late entry fee if there are still any slots left in the race and they may do so with certified funds right up until the day of the race if there is room.

The first 12 teams to sign up will also receive a VIP suite for their guests at the race with a retail value of $20,000 to include 20 tickets, the suite, food and beverages. 

Huset’s Speedway
The Race – Payout

The winner of the race will win the track OR the $3,600,000 cash bounty.

Second place wins $200,000.

Third & Fourth place both win $100,000

The winner will have the option to keep the track or take the $3,600,000 cash bounty. It’s completely up to you!

Huset’s Speedway
The Race – Rules

We will be following all of the standard World of Outlaws rules for the cars when it comes to the specs and teching. The rules will be clearly posted and will be in line with industry standards and those ran at the Knoxville Nationals.

Rules and Regulations can be found at under the “World Of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series” section.

Huset’s Speedway
The Race – Format

Our plan would be 3 heat races of 12 cars with 24 cars making it to the main race and that feature being 40 laps. Depending on the number of cars, there may not be heat races.

In case of a rain out, we have blocked off the next 2 days, (August 14th and 15th) as rain dates.

This race will be open to the public and we will be posting information soon on the ticket pricing, suite pricing, VIP pricing and all you will need to know if you want to attend the race in person and see this historic event live.

This will be the only event that evening. No other events, classes, or races.  Simply the biggest and most important race ever.

The Race – FAQ

When will the tickets go on sale and how much will they cost?

We will be releasing all of the ticketing information, how to get them, pricing, advanced sales, VIP options, etc… as soon as we get the deposits in for the minimum of 18 cars to have the race.

What is the deadline to get the 18 cars to make the race valid?

We will need to have the minimum of 18 cars signed up by 5pm Central on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 which is one week from race day.

What do I need to enter the race?

You’ll need to submit a wire transfer for $200,000 which is non-refundable unless the race does not happen.  At that time your deposit would be immediately returned by the holdings company.  They will help you with all the paperwork and entrants are first come, first serve.

What if I pay the $200k to hold my “Spot” and I wreck my car prior to the race?

You are correct that you are holding a spot and you can sure substitute another qualifying car or driver if you like as long as they meet the technical requirements for the race.

Do I need to come up with the money all by myself?

You can have a group of investors or sponsors to help you reach the $200,000 non-refundable deposit. That is completely up to you and we suspect there will be all kinds of side deals cooking which makes this so unique.

What’s the track worth?

The current owner invested over $18,000,000 into the facility since purchasing the legendary track and property in 2015.  It is currently on the market for $9,450,000.  You will need to check with your tax professionals for any tax consequences.

What’s the deal with the $3,600,000 cash bounty?

If you win the race and decide that you don’t want the track, you can take a one time, $3,600,000 cash payment instead of taking possession of Huset’s Speedway and we would then retain ownership of the facility.

What if the race is qualified and you have the 18 racers by the deadline, but I want to enter the last day or last minute for that matter?

As long as we have not hit our 36 car maximum, you can enter right up to race time.  You would have to have certified funds, sign the proper contracts and pay a $75,000 late entry fee.

Will it cost to park at the event?

If we get the 18 cars and THE Race happens, we WILL be charging for parking to try and limit the number of vehicles attending.  We fully anticipate a sellout of this once in a lifetime event and want plenty of room for parking.  Parking fees and details will be posted with the ticket information.

Who will be officiating the event?

We will be assembling the best team of officials possible to ensure this race is ran fairly and with the utmost amount of integrity. Same goes for security, car parkers, vendors, race rescue personnel, etc…

Will the World of Outlaws drivers be racing?

We have been informed by the World of Outlaws that they are excited about this race and although it is NOT an official WoO race for points, that they will let any of their drivers run at this event.  Further, we are requesting their assistance and offering to hire some of their crew to help officiate, tech the cars, announce the race, or whatever involvement they can offer.

Who makes the final call?

We will be assembling a team of 3-5 official judges who will need to agree (similar to a boxing match) the winner, any problems, disqualifications, etc…. again, we plan to make this as tight as possible and will be seeking only the most highly respected judges in the industry from all of the major groups like the World of Outlaws, All Stars, etc….  This WILL be legit and fair to the fullest extent.

What if I get there and my car does not qualify because it does not meet the specified tech rules for the race?  Would I get a refund?

Absolutely not, that is on you and we will be running the same rules that will have been ran at the Knoxville Nationals the week before and the standard World of Outlaw regs and specs.

Learn more about the event at


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