Dale Jarrett’s NASCAR UPS Truck for sale

This isn’t your typical UPS truck as it comes fitted with a Toyota Racing Development engine

Here we have a brown 1990 UPS Truck for sale. This particular brown truck comes fitted with a Toyota Racing Development engine!

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The truck was built by Mike Ryan in 2006. It was driven by NASCAR star Dale Jarrett in various ad campaigns.

Mike Ryan builds stunt vehicles for a living. He also builds championship winning trucks for competition at Pikes Peak.

The fastest UPS truck was built on a 1990 UPS P-800 Package Car chassis. The 23-foot box truck had 300,000 miles on the odometer when the project started.

11 days later, the project was completed.

The Fabricators: Mike Ryan , Brian Todd, Eric Matuschek, Willy Lima, Mike Gibbons, Colton Mather, John Panfil, Anthem Motors, Donnie Moore, Ken Pearson and Chris Waldrop.

The team stripped the truck, including the engine. It was then rebuilt and fitted with a roll cage, TRD racing engine, racing specific shock and spring package, custom transmission, racing seats and race gauges.

This UPS truck is also setup for NOS injection. And to keep things safe, a fire suppression system was installed.

An extra set of tires and wheels are included. To top things off, it comes with a backup camera.

Nothing about the build makes any sense at all. But, it was a great promotional took used in many NASCAR commercials for several years.

Dale Jarrett competed on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule between 1984-2008. He ran 668 races and collected 32 wins along the way. He grabbed the series title in 1999.

UPS Truck Auction

Lot: #0018

Iron Horse Auctions has setup the online auction for the special vehicle.

Bidding for the UPS truck will begin on December 4, 2019. The starting bid has been set at $1.

Bidding will conclude on Wed, Dec 11 at 2:05:00 pm ET.

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