Dale Earnhardt: NASCAR race car for sale

Richard Childress is set to sell a NASCAR race car from personal collection for the first time

The Richard Childress Racing museum is stacked full of race cars in North Carolina. Many of those, are Dale Earnhardt #3 machines.

Richard Childress held onto almost all the Dale Earnhardt machines throughout the legendary career. The exceptions are just a handful that were sold to other teams some 30 years ago.

Now, Richard Childress is letting one go.

Dale Earnhardt 3 car photo
Dale Earnhardt 3 car photo (Photo: Richard Childress Racing)

Richard Childress Collection

Dale Earnhardt Sr drove for Richard Childress full-time beginning in 198. He remained with the team until he lost his life in a crash at Daytona International Speedway on February 18, 2001.

“I’ve grown my personal collection of memorabilia throughout my career in NASCAR and have enjoyed each of these items but it’s time to open it up to collectors and use the proceeds to support much needed causes during this unique time in history,” said Childress.

“From the Earnhardt years, to the Harvick years to our current drivers and beyond, there are items in this collection that will appeal to a variety of collectors.”

“It’s so special to me to be able to share these exclusive items and give back to America at the same time. All proceeds will benefit charities and organizations who need our help right now to fight COVID-19,” Childress concluded.

An ebay account has been setup, listing the memorabilia portion of the auction. To purchase the Dale Earnhardt car, collectors must reach out to the NASCAR team directly.

The personal memorabilia collection includes insanely rare and hard-to-find NASCAR items. Some haven’t ever touched the shelves such as pre-production models of diecasts that never went into production.

These are pieces of a personal collection to the NASCAR team owner. Thus, some of the items have zero affiliation with Richard Childress Racing.

Currently, the highest item in the ebay store is a Dale Earnhardt The Movie Car #3/12 Wrangler car. It’s a diecast of the 1986 Monte Carlo featuring a windshield wiper. There’s not another one of those listed on ebay. The current bid is $500.

National and local first responders will be in line to benefit from the auction. Childress intends to use proceeds to donate personal protective equipment with the funds collected.

Click here to view the Richard Childress Collection on ebay (real car excluded).

Previous Dale Earnhardt car sold at auction

Of course, the highest priced album is sure to be the actual car driven by Dale Earnhardt. You’ll have to contact the team directly for bidding info.

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own an authentic Dale Earnhardt race car.

And this time, it’s real…

In 2019, inauthentic Dale Earnhardt cars were sent across the auction block at the Mecum Auction. One of those claimed to be a 1994 car, from a championship winning season.

Ahead of the bids, Richard Childress spoke up to declare the cars as fake. Several of the exact cars listed were actually sitting in the RCR Museum.

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Despite that, the inauthentic cars sold for a hefty price. The car declared the 1994 championship machine still sold for $190,000.

But, this Dale Earnhardt car pictured is sold directly from the source of the original owner.

Dale Earnhardt
Race Car For Sale

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