NASCAR community reacts to Ryan Newman crash

The Daytona 500 crash sparked a wide range of emotions from the racing community

Last night’s Daytona 500 saw a fiery crash at the finish line. While racing for the win, Ryan Newman was sent into the outside wall.

As he slid upside down across the track, he was struck by Corey LaJoie, at 200mph. Newman crossed the finish line, upside down.

The driver was transported to a hospital after the race. It was later announced that Newman is fighting serious injury but the extent of the injuries aren’t life threatening.

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Ryan Newman has been added to the long list of drivers that have been saved by Dale Earnhardt. That 2001 crash created an evolution in safety improvements, that happened stopped in the last 20 years.

NASCAR is always working to make things better. As recently as last year, that made improvements to the cockpit area.

Today, teams are required to run multiple HD cameras on the inside cockpit area. These are not for broadcast use. Those tapes are solely for NASCAR’s use.

In the event of a crash, NASCAR reviews all the interior video tape. It allows them to see where the sport can make improvements, to protect all limbs, from all angles of impact.

The cars of Ryan Newman and Corey LaJoie have been been taken to the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, North Carolina. NASCAR will review the car in detail and come back with an even safer car in 2021.

NASCAR drivers react to Newman crash

Corey LaJoie: “Dang I hope Newman is ok. That is worst case scenerio and I had nowhere to go but smoke.”

Denny Hamlin: “First a foremost I want to give well wishes and prayers to Ryan Newman. I had absolutely NO IDEA of the severity of the crash until I got to victory lane. There’s very little communication after the finish and i had already unhooked my radio. It’s not anyone’s fault.”

Brad Keselowski: “I can’t wait to see Ryan Newman again. #GodIsGood”

Kyle Larson: “Really hoping our buddy Ryan Newman is okay… this is the part of racing we all hate.”

Kyle Busch: “Praying for Ryan Newman right now.”

Kenny Wallace: “I never liked it when someone pushed me out of control… When another car was in front of me I had no where to go with my run.. Just run into the car in front of me.. And that’s what happened.. Where ya gonna go?…”

Ryan Vargas: “I hate this for Blaney. You can hear it in his voice…”

Noah Gragson: “I’m sick to my stomach.”

Greg Biffle: “Such good news tonight that Ryan Newman is being cared for by the team at Halifax Medical center.. thoughts of a speedy recovery.”

Krissie Newman (Newman’s wife): “Omg.”

Ashley Allgaier: “I get it, it’s the Daytona 500… it’s just weird to see celebration when Newman still isn’t out of his car.”

Other racing drivers

Josh Richards: “Thankful God watched over Ryan Newman tonight. We continue to pray for peace for his family and healing for Ryan. What a great and powerful God we have!”

Tony Kanaan: “This wait it’s brutal. So many memories go thru my head. Please pray for Newman to be ok.”

Sage Karam: “Can’t remember the last time I’ve refreshed my twitter feed this many times. The wait to hear something is awful. Just praying so hard for Ryan and his family.”

Graham Rahal: “Can’t pray enough for Ryan Newman. The angle of the car hitting him once he flipped over is frightening. We can only pray to God that he is ok, and all our fears will go away.”

Mario Andretti: “Praying hard for Ryan Newman”

United States President

On Sunday, Donald Trump visited the Daytona 500. He even turned a lap in the Presidential limo.

Donald Trump: “Praying for Ryan Newman, a great and brave NASCAR driver! #PrayingForRyan”


Ryan Newman crash (Video)

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