$100,000 bounty on Kyle Busch created by Kevin Harvick in NASCAR Truck Series

Kyle Busch is dominant in the NASCAR Truck Series; But, some cup drivers are on their way down the ladder to collect a bounty

Kyle Larson tweeted three cherries and it led to a $100,000 bounty on Kyle Busch.

In the last 7 NASCAR Truck Series events run by, Kyle Busch, he’s driven it to victory lane. Busch is in the middle of domination that stems all the way back to 2018.

Busch went to victory lane twice last weekend in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. First, he won a late model race on the Bullring at LVMS. That was followed by the truck series victory on Friday.

I don’t see it as cherry picking at all. Nobody complains when Kyle Larson runs on the dirt tracks. And Larson himself picked up four Xfinity wins in 2018 (he ran zero races in 2019).

Fans are quick to jump all over Busch for running Truck Series events at all. Kyle Busch Motorsports employs a lot of people in the racing community.

As Harvick said, “I bet those 70-80 families who he employs really appreciates him racing.”

Kyle Busch himself has explained that if he isn’t allowed to race truck then his entire truck team would have to disappear and three open seats would go with him.

Those cherries created a discussion and now there’s a $100,000 bounty on Kyle Busch. It started at just $50,000 and quickly doubled.

“I like this so let’s make this fun. I’ll put up a $50,000 bounty for any full time cup driver who races a truck and can beat Kyle Busch in his next 4 races,” Kevin Harvick tweeted.

Marcus Lemonis of Ganders RV stepped in, “Hey Kevin Harvick, I’ll match that… I’m that comfortable Kyle Busch can’t be beat…”

Kevin Harvick driver places bounty on Kyle Busch

Austin Dillon: “So what are the rules?”

Kyle Busch: “So what do I get if no one can do it?”

Kevin Harvick: “Good ole pat on the back and some great exposure for your sponsors!”

Denny Hamlin: “I’ll need some backing from Toyota Racing… but I’ll definitely do it. Hell I smoked him in our last Latemodel race.”

Kyle Busch: ” ‘Smoked him’?? I shoulda moved u but let u win your charity race. It’s on next time!”

Rules of the Kyle Busch bounty

The rules are that is must be accomplished by a current NASCAR Cup Series driver. It also must be completed in one of Kyle’s next four races.

NASCAR allows drivers in the cup series to run a max of five Truck Series events in a single season. None of those are allowed to be run in the playoffs.

It also has to be a fair race. In other words, drivers aren’t allowed to wreck Kyle Busch.

At the end of the next four races, if no cup driver has beaten Kyle Busch then $50,000 from Harvick and another $50,000 from Marcus Lemonis will be donated to the Bundle of Joy foundation.


Kyle Busch is planning a retirement from the NASCAR Xfinity Series (2017)


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