F1 set to resume racing following series of postponements and cancellations

Formula One has scheduled to restart their 2020 racing season; F1 CEO comments

This morning, the French Grand Prix joined a list of canceled F1 events due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, there’s now a confirmed plan in place to resume. July 3-5, 2020 will see the Austria Grand Prix restart the 2020 F1 season.

The rest of the 2020 F1 schedule has not been announced. Yet, they have put a plan in place for the world tour that will now consist of 15-18 races.


Eurasia + Asia

Asia + Americas

Middle East

2020 F1 schedule
2020 F1 schedule

F1 CEO Chase Carrey on the 2020 Formula One schedule and coronavirus outbreak

“We expect the early races to be without fans but hope fans will be part of our events as we move further into the schedule,” Carry stated in a series release.

“We still have to work out many issues like the procedures for the teams and our other partners to enter and operate in each country.”

“The health and safety of all involved will continue to be priority one and we will only go forward if we are confident we have reliable procedures to address both risks and possible issues.”

“The FIA, teams, promoters, and other key partners have been working with us throughout these steps and we want to thank them for all their support and efforts during this incredibly challenging time.”

“We also want to recognise the fact that the teams have been supporting us at the same time that they have been focusing enormous and heroic efforts to build ventilators to help those infected by COVID-19.”

“While we have been moving forward with our 2020 plans, we have also been working hard with the FIA and the teams to strengthen the long term future of Formula 1 through an array of new technical, sporting, and financial regulations that will improve the competition and action on the track and make it a healthier business for all involved, particularly as we engage the issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“All of our plans are obviously subject to change as we still have many issues to address and all of us are subject to the unknowns of the virus.”

“We all want the world to return to the one we know and cherish, yet we recognise it must be done in the right and safest way. We look forward to doing our part by enabling our fans to once again safely share the excitement of Formula 1 with family, friends, and the broader community.”

Monaco Grand Prix - Tilt Shift Photo - Formula One
Monaco Grand Prix – Tilt Shift Photo – Formula One

Other F1 coronavirus notes

F1 has had several members contact COVID-19. Two members of the McLaren F1 team caught the virus. The self isolated for 14 days, along with the other members of the team that came in contact.

Additionally, a member of the Pirelli tire team was infected. So far, no F1 drivers have contacted the virus.

F1 has yet to race in 2020. It looks like 10 races will have been postponed or canceled as a result of the outbreak.

There will be no mid-summer break. Typically, teams go on a voluntary shut-down in the middle of the season. The two weeks off is for industry members to spend time with family and it’s also a cost cutting measure. That will be eliminated this year.

Some races that have been postponed will be rescheduled. That will not be the case for F1’s biggest event, the Monaco Grand Prix. The street race would take too much to reconstruct on a new date given streets need to be closed for the event. “Under no circumstances would it be possible to reorganise the event for later in the year,” F1 officials stated.