Health Department warns Tulsa Shootout/Chili Bowl Nationals to enforce rules

An emergency meeting was scheduled on Christmas Eve; If rules aren’t followed during the Tulsa Shootout then there will be no Chili Bowl Nationals

Trailers are set to roll into the Tulsa Expo Center. Fans should be excited. But, it’s not the Chili Bowl quite yet.

First up, it’s the Tulsa Shootout. The week long event holds a wide range of dirt karting and outlaw divisions. It’s an intro to the biggest dirt midget race of the season.

The track is complete and the grandstands are up in anticipation of two straight weeks of indoor racing. On Tuesday, the practice sessions will begin on the 1/4-mile oval. The Shootout will then run every day with a conclusion this Saturday.

On January 11th, the famed Chili Bowl Nationals is set to begin. Six straight days of dirt midget action will come to a close on January 16th.


As for COVID guidelines, masks are to be worn at all times except when competitors put on a helmet.

Additionally, all employees, participants and attendees will be tested for elevated body temperatures. The limit is set at 100.4 and people will be given to option of a second test using a different thermometer. If the second test fails, they will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Event capacity has been limited to 6,900 allowing for 36 square feet per person inside the complex. The pit area and grandstands have both been limited to 25% each.

This responsibility falls on the race fans. You can’t wait for officials to hold your hands and make you follow the rules. Officials from outside the event are watching and taking notes.

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Masks to be enforced at Tulsa Shootout and Chili Bowl, heavily

Over the weekend, event staff went LIVE with the following update:

“The main reason I’m doing this Facebook live video here today is just to remind everybody that if you’re going to come into the Expo building, you must be wearing your mask at all times when you’re in the building,” stated Matt Ward of the Tulsa Shootout/Chili Bowl Nationals team.

“There will be TPD officers out here. If they catch you with no mask, they will ask you to escort the building. If it’s a problem, they will remove you.”

“This is everything that was told to us through the Health Department, the fairgrounds and the City of Tulsa. I’m just relaying the message to everyone. We need everyone’s cooperation with this so we can have the Shootout and have the Chili Bowl.”

“There was an emergency meeting held on Christmas Eve. If people do not wear their mask at the Shootout, they said they will shut down the Chili Bowl.”

“So, we will enforce the mask rule, 100%. That way, we can still have these events and enjoy the whole two weeks.”


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