Senoia Raceway owner looks to sell race track; Ousts current promoters

The promoters are surprised that the dirt track lease will not be renewed for 2021

Senoia Raceway is a 3/8-mile dirt track. The facility hosts Saturday night racing with Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, B-Cadets, HobbyStocks, Mini Stocks and Bombers.

The track has also hosted a wide range of special events. That includes bikes and Monster Trucks.

Ahead of the 2021 season, Senoia Raceway promoters Mayes Massey and Doug Stevens have been removed from operations at the Senoia, Georgia dirt track. Charlie Edwards, the owner of the property opted not to renew the lease.

Mayes Massey lost his father Bill Massey on December 15th. Bill was also involved in the track operations before his tragic death. The same day, Massey received a call from Edwards where he was told the lease will not be renewed.

The lease termination was a surprise to Stevens and Massey.

Mayes Massey comments on Senoia Raceway

“We could not strike the deal that Charlie wanted,” said Mayes Massey.

“It’s kind of a bummer. We felt we had done a lot of good for the track and wanted to keep going. We just could not make the purchase and that is what Charlie wanted.”

“It really took us by surprise. We did some scrambling, made some calls, but in the end, the deal just could not happen for our team. Charlie kind of had his mind set on someone else having control of the track it seems.”

The three of them have operated the track since 2015. They soon reshaped the track and brought in new clay to revamp the racing surface. The grandstands were soon packed with fans.

In 2018, super late models returned to the track for the first time in nearly 30 years.

In 2019, the complex added an new track to the facility. In 2020, Jack Mills took over the promotions of The Senoia Raceway Karting Complex.

“It’s kind of a bitter taste left in our mouths,” said Massey. “This place meant a lot to my dad. We wanted to continue to grow it in his honor. It’s just a bad deal for us.”

Mayes Massey and Doug Stevens have removed all their personal equipment from the facility.

“Our friend Clint Smith offered to store the equipment nearby at his shop until we could find someplace to store everything,” Massey said. “He has been a great friend to us and was just as surprised as we were about Charlie’s decision not to renew the lease.”

“We have been honored to serve the racing community the past few years and appreciate how they have supported us throughout,” said Massey with Stevens nodding in approval. “We will cherish the memories we created with all of them.”

Charlie Edwards plans to sell the facility.


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