William Byron’s 2021 Axalta car disappoints NASCAR fans

The No. 24 car is known for legendary paint schemes

On Thursday, Hendrick Motorsports released the paint scheme for William Byron. And, fans are pissed.

Agitation isn’t uncommon among the NASCAR community, everything from number placement to stages tend to set off a NASCAR fan. But, sometimes, they’re right.

They’re calling is a, “Classic twist on Axalta flames.”

The No. 24 has always featured bad ass paint schemes. The Dupont flames remain as one of the most iconic paint schemes in the history of the sport. The paint schemes created by Sam Bass in 2001 went on to visit victory lanes countless times with Jeff Gordon.

DuPont was acquired and the name was changed to Axalta. However, the NASCAR sponsorship with Hendrick Motorsports remained.

The No. 24 or any other Hendrick machine that features an Axalta paint scheme has high expectations. So, when the bar is missed, it’s extra disappointing.

The 2021 Alalta paint scheme features red, green, blue and yellow. In what some might consider, a clown car.

William Byron stated via social media, “Can’t wait to get after it in this car!”

Most NASCAR teams use a wrap to form the look of their 200mph billboards. However, Axalta is a automotive paint company. So, Hendrick Motorsports is one of the few teams that still paints their bodies.

For Daytona and Talladega, they go the extra mile. After series and sponsorship decals are installed, the team then puts a layer of clear coat over the top of it. That’s to reduce the drag from stickers.

The team also released William Byron’s Liberty University paint scheme.

William Byron
2021 Paint Scheme

William Byron
2021 Paint Scheme
Liberty University


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