Kyle Busch pulled over on golf cart hours after drinking (Video)

NASCAR driver hosts parody press conference following last night’s escapades

NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch is on vacation with family and friends in the Bahamas. Earlier in the week, alcohol led to a video of Kyle Busch twerking hitting the internet.

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The escapades continue for Kyle Busch’s vacation.

Yesterday, the group shared videos taking shots. Just hours later, Kyle Busch was in a golf cart as another cart with flashing blue and red lights pulled them over.

They shot video of the incident. They continued driving until they were sure that the blue and red lights were in fact following them. When they did, they stopped.

Kyle Busch was not the driver. However, it appears they were pulled over by some kind of law enforcement or patrol.

Busch was not seen in the video. However, it was posted to his personal Instagram story.

The next day, Kyle Busch handled the situation brilliantly. He created a parody press conference from the beach.

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Press conference

Moderator: “Thank you guys for coming on such short notice. We’re going to get a quick statement here from Kyle to address the events over the past 24 hours.”

Kyle Busch: “Everything’s great. Paradise, I love it. It’s beautiful.

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Question: “Mr. Busch, according to my notes it says that at 11:11pm last night, law enforcement may have been involved. Is that true?”

Kyle Busch: “I can confirm that things did get a little Rowdy last night.”

Question: “Mr Busch, were there any casualties last night?”

Kyle Busch: “Yeah, we lost a few along the way. I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

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Kyle Busch
Bahamas Press Conference


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