The Rev driver banned after backwards retaliation attempt (Video)

The hilarious video has since gone viral; Race track issues ban

The Rev is a 3/8-mile dirt track located in Monroe, LA. The track hosts a select number of events each season after being converted from an asphalt to dirt track in 2020. Some drama took place on Saturday night as the track hosted a weekly racing event.

Watch the dirt late model run backwards on track in search of retaliation video below.

Lance Carroll (#7) spun Greg Armstrong (#11A) on a restart. According to fan reports, this was not the first time Carroll had beat on the fenders of Armstrong during the race.

Armstrong sat backwards on the front stretch. The caution came out. Armstrong decided the fastest way to the #7 was to go backwards on the track.

Armstrong drove by the entire field, backwards. He approached Carroll, who weaved. It was a swing and a miss by the #11A.

This time, Armstrong decided to cut across the infield. He attempted to block the track in turn one. Carroll drove through the infield to avoid him completely. Strike two.

It’s only hilarious because nobody got hurt. However, safety workers due tend to stand in the infield.

Meanwhile, Armstrong wasn’t done with his pursuit. He rolled onto the throttle and took another backwards lap around the track. He he entered turn three, he was finally greeted by an official on an ATV.

According to the Armstrong family, it didn’t end there…

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Greg Armstrong (#11A driver)

“Rev, yall let guy beat on me 5 different times and did nothing b4 i took action i am wrong you to good to call yall are cowards and show favoritism, “Greg Armstrong stated via social media.

“A man grabbed my wife and thats ok like i said yall are cowards indefinitely sounds better ill laugh as yall close them doors and i quote Nicholas Brown i dont give a fuck what happened”

“Lonnie Carroll, u tough talking to my wife u get ready thats going to cost ya feel free to tag the woman abuser!!!”

Armstrong added a message to the promoter, “Nicholas Brown, u a coward as well for telling my wife u don’t give a fuck a man grabbed her and spun her around hope it never happens to your gf/or wife is so i will defend her because u sure the fuck wont pussy.”

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The Rev Promoter responds to Armstrong

Track promoter Nick Brown responds:

Nicholas Brown stated, “That’s never what I said! I’ve tried calling you to discuss this. If he touched your wife, the deputies that were there should have been informed and they could have taken care of the situation. That’s not something that should be taken lightly. As many people as were standing there, there should be a witness that could back up her statement. All I addressed was that there wasn’t going to be fighting in our pit area. You being banned from the track didn’t come from me, but I will agree that it was the right decision.”

Brown added, “If he touched your wife, y’all need to file a complaint with the sheriffs dept. I assure you I never heard anything said about him touching her. Not sure I could have with all the yelling.”

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Track issues suspension

Penalties are expected in this situation. So far one has been officially issued but another is pending:

“After last nights incident on the track involving a driver in the Crate Late Models driving the wrong way around the track and into the infield chasing down another car, we have decided to ban this driver for the remainder of the year and possibly more,” the track stated via social media.

“We will not tolerate actions like this. The driver put not only the other drivers in danger, but could have hurt or even killed someone in the infield. We take safety serious at The Rev, and what happened last night it’s absolutely uncalled for.”

They added, “Penalties for the other car involved are being assessed.”

The Rev is currently waiting to hear back from the sanctioning body before handing out penalties to the other driver.

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The Rev
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