Brandon Overton calls out Scott Bloomquist from Eldora victory lane

Here’s what led to Brandon Overton’s “Ass kicking” comments from victory lane at Eldora Speedway

Earlier this year, Eldora Speedway hosted two Dirt Late Model Dreams in the same weekend. This years race along with last year’s postponement.

Brandon Overton shocked the racing world by winning both main events. He swept the weekend, two dirt late model dreams brought a total payout of $273,000 for Brandon Overton.

The car was put into storage. The team was saving it for the World 100 and he unloaded it again for the World 100.

It didn’t take long for Overton to return to the front.

Overton was leading but in the middle part of the race. However, Dale McDowell drove around him. McDowell then opened up a 3 second lead on Overton and it looked like the race was over.

With 30 to go, McDowell worked heavy lap traffic. The track was narrow as the middle lane took rubber.

29 to go, Overton ran a lane higher into turn one, with a late apex in turn two he crossed under McDowell. He drove it deep into turn three and retook the race lead.

29-year-old Brandon Overton drove it to victory lane. He climbed from the machine in victory lane with tears in his eyes.

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Scott Bloomquist at the Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt Track 1961
Scott Bloomquist at the Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt Track 1961

Scott Bloomquist comments on Brandon Overton

In the Road to Eldora on FloRacing, Scott Bloomquist commented on Overton saving the car for the return to Eldora.

Boomquist said of two World 100’s in the same weekend, “It’s bizarre that it’s even happening.”

“It didn’t cheapen The Dream, where it was the same winner and that made it a stamp. My hat’s off to him, it was a fucking stamp!”

“Don’t think that in ’14 when I won The World, if they would have had one the next day, then the next week, that I wouldn’t have kicked their ass.”

He added, “I heard he saved his car and it’s going to be just like it was. I’ve done that before, beware.”

Bloomquist is a four time winner of the World 100. He most recently visited victory lane for the event back in 2014 when he drove from the tail of the field to the win.

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Brandon Overton stands in victory lane at Eldora Speedway - World 100
Brandon Overton stands in victory lane at Eldora Speedway – World 100 (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Brandon Overton comments on Scott Bloomquist

Overton said from Eldora victory lane on Thursday, “I heard what Scott’s interview. So, I hope he enjoyed that ass kicking. Those guys are the ones that drive me to do this.”

Overton’s comments from victory lane brought a cheer from the crowd.

Overton later elaborated, “All night, people been coming up to me, ‘You hear what Scott said?’ “

“I said, ‘No, I didn’t really hear what Scott said.’ They said, ‘Well, he said you aren’t going to win. You can’t bring the car back, shit don’t work.”

“After he said that, I was in there working on my shocks and springs. After about the 5th time I heard it I was like, ‘I gotta win.’ I went back in there and I was trying my hardest. How do I get a little bit better in that heat race?”

“It was flawless. You always need a little fire under you. When people say stuff like that, I know he didn’t mean it. But hell, it give you that little edge.”

“I like when people doubt it. I mean, I’m not suppose to win it, I don’t think I’m gonna win it.” He added, “I wanna win but I don’t expect to. I’ll keep digging and keep digging, if the shit works out, it works out.”

It worked out for Overton as he pocketed another $54,000 from Eldora Speedway. His win total from Eldora Speedway alone in 2021 is now up to $327,000 and there’s a chance at another big check this Sunday.

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