Denny Hamlin, Chase Briscoe trade comments after Texas Motor Speedway incident

For the second time in a few months, the two NASCAR drivers clash; They continue to talk out differences

Denny Hamlin entered the NASCAR Playoffs neck and neck with Kyle Larson are the favorite. Chase Briscoe didn’t make the Playoffs but he’s still on track to compete for race wins.

On Sunday at Texas, Hamlin started from the front row. He then faded and fought back to the front in the closing laps.

With 60 to go, Chase Briscoe was hanging onto the right rear of Denny Hamlin off turn two. The two made light contact with Briscoe left front and Hamlin’s right rear.

The contact forced Briscoe wide off turn two and he chased his machine up the track and ran out of room. Briscoe slammed the wall with his right side and cut a right rear tire.

“This is an area where Chase Briscoe just needs to lift right there,” Jeff Burton stated via the NBC broadcast.

“That’s what he gets for being a fucking idiot,” Hamlin stated over the radio.

Hamlin added, “He crashes me then rides me like a ****. Like, who the fuck are you?”

With 25 to go, Hamlin found himself three wide for 4th with Blaney to his inside and Keselowski to his outside. Contact was made, a fender was pushed in and Hamlin cut a tire. He spun off turn two and made light contact with the inside wall.

Danny Hamlin in victory lane at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - NASCAR Cup Series
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 26: Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11 FedEx Office Toyota, celebrates in victory lane after winning the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 26, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Chase Briscoe and Denny Hamlin talk it out on social media

The two drivers talked about the Texas contact:

Chase Briscoe commented, “If only I had 10,000 races worth of experience under my belt…”

Danny Hamlin spotted his response and replied, “not sure you’ll get there. There’s cars racing for a championship. In case you forgot about taking out the leader and costing him 1 championship already this season. Perhaps when you learn give and take you will start to finish better.”

Briscoe: “I get paid to race, just because you guys are racing in the playoffs doesn’t mean I’m just gonna wave you by. One of the best cars we’ve had all year and I was trying to take advantage of it. I understand you guys are racing for a championship which is awesome for you guys but I’m racing for a job and results let me keep that job.”

Hamlin concluded, “Well, if your car is better and you are better on that day, you will get the spot back eventually. Risk management is how you optimize your finish each week. Maybe putting yourself in others shoes for 1 min would help. You had 25 races to get a chance to race for the post season. Respect is a underrated trait in today’s world it appears.”

Chase Briscoe and Tony Stewart
Chase Briscoe and Tony Stewart

Not the first time this two drivers have had disagreements

Back in August, Chase Briscoe was forced wide into turn one at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course. He rolled through the grass, on the throttle and cut the entirety of turn two.

Briscoe popped back on track just ahead of turn three, side by side with Hamlin for the lead. Just a few corners later, NASCAR posted Briscoe for a drive-thru penalty.

However, before Briscoe could serve that penalty, he continued to race for the lead. He then turned Denny Hamlin, sending him in the grass.

The two drivers talked it out on the pit lane after the race. Briscoe stated that he wasn’t aware he would have to serve a penalty.

Hamlin is one of 8 drivers battling for the final four positions in the Championship race.

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