Rumble in Fort Wayne Results: December 17, 2021

Tony Stewart runs a midget indoors at the Ft Wayne, Indiana bullring

The Rumble in Fort Wayne returns to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum EXPO Center. Fort Wayne, Indiana is set to host bullring kart and midget racing on a 1/6-mile track.

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Dec 17 | Dec 18

Tony Stewart is back to defend his asphalt midget win from 2019. However, he suffered issues ahead of his heat race which forced him to an LCQ. Stewart drove from the back of his LCQ to a transfer spot but then clipped the inside tire barrier and broke his left front.

Main Report

Justin Peck and Russ Gamester line up on the front row.

Green, Gamester gets the jump but Peck gets into him in turn one. They both bobble in turn three. Travis Welpott takes over the lead on the inside of both of them.

Lap 4, flat right rear, spin and caution.

Green, Welpott leads Billy Wease.

Lap 10, Welpott opens the gap to 5 car lengths. They’re lineup up behind Wease.

Lap 20, Welpott has caught the tail of the field. They spin right in front of the leader, caution.

Green, Welpott leads as Billy Wease gives a shot to his rear bumper.

Lap 23, Wease jumps over the left rear of Welpott. He loses the 2nd positions to Gamester.

Lap 31, Payne spins in turn four, caution.

Green, Welpott leads Gamester into turn one. They spin behind them, caution. The red flag is out for cleanup.

Green, Welpott leads Gamester through turn one.

15 to go, Welpott leads Gamester by a car length. Light smoke is billowing from Gamester’s machine.

12. to go, Welpott slows from the lead! He coasts to the infield, no caution. Gamester leads Wease.

6 to go, Gamester leads but Wease is all over his bumper.

3 to go, Gamestear leads by a car length.

Russ Gamester wins night one of the Rumble in Fort Wayne!

Midget Results
Rumble in Fort Wayne
December 17, 2021

The following includes the asphalt midget class only:

Heats Races

Heat 1 : 1. Billy Wease;

Heat 2 : 1. Joey Payne;

Heat 3 : 1. Bryan Nuckles;

Heat 4 : 1. Derek Bischak;

LCQ Races

LCQ 1 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer) : 1. Schultz; 2. Osborne; 3. Caskey;

LCQ 2 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer) : 1. Liguori; 2. Macenko; 3. Knupp (After Penalty);

Main Event

Pos | Driver

1. Russ Gamester
2. Billy Wease
3. Derek Bischak
4. Joe Liguori
5. Bryan Nuckles
6. Trey Osborne
7. Jack Macenko
8. Joey Payne
9. Mike Fedorcak
10. Travis Welpott
11. Brandon Knupp
12. Jordan Caskey
13. Justin Peck
14. Charlie Schultz


Rumble in Fort Wayne