Hailie Deegan misses NASCAR race with FBI contact regarding stalker

The NASCAR driver was scheduled to race last week but was forced to miss the race

Hailie Deegan was scheduled to race the NASCAR Xfinity Series race last week at Richmond Raceway. She didn’t make it as she was dealing with a stalker situation at her home in North Carolina.

Chase Cabre is the boyfriend of the NASCAR star. A stalker tagged him in pictures, with guns. Then, proceeded to threaten his life.

It all escalated from a fake account claiming to be Hailie Deegan’s personal or backup account. That account made fake posts about her boyfriend beating her. Those posts from the fake account created a rage in an avid fan ho has since turned stalker.

The stalker lives in the area of the Hailie Deegan.

Hailie Deegan and Chase Cabre detail the situation

“The day where it pretty much changed was a few days ago when he posted stuff saying, ‘He was going to practically come kill Chase.’ His exact words were, not going to kill Chase. But, he’s going to come and he is going to be the last thing Chase ever sees,” Hailie Deegan explained.

Deegan added, “This guy has a past criminal record.”

Cabre explained, “Hailie said, ‘Lets call the cops.’ So, we call the cops. They come out here, take a report. They proceed to sit outside our home and stay out there 24/7. The cops proceeded to just stay here that night, keep coming in to check on us, different things like that.”

Deegan added, “Because I have dealt with stalker situations before, I know what proof you need. So, I’ve had screen recordings and screen shots of these guys posts, going back since December.”

“Driving back from Tulsa is when I first saw everything he was posting. Everything kinda led to death. It made me very skeptical. I screenshotted the posts and kept track of everything in a file. Because, I know you need proof when stuff like this happens.”

“The cop ends up staying here all night and I’m very glad he did. It makes you nervous when you have someone saying that they’re going to try to kill you that night. I’m nervous for Chase, because we live in the same home, this is our house.”

A fake account encouraged the stalker

A fake account has been posted false information on the personal life of the NASCAR driver. Those posts have encouraged erratic behavior from an avid fan who was once a part of the Hailie Deegan fan club.

Chase explained, “This fake account said that I broke her jaw and nearly beat her to death. So, that’s what fired him up even more. To say, ‘Now, I need to take action. Because, that’s my wife.’ “

The account asked Chase to make a social media post, apologizing via social media. That account then set a 15 minute timer, waiting for the video demand.

Further posts stated that at night, the man would come take care of the situation. The stalker noted, “I’m a man of my word.”

Deegan detailed, “At this point now, you just sit around watching your security cameras. They’ve literally been up on the TV for 5-7 days, straight. I’m over it. I’m so over it.”

The man also threatened to show up to the Millbridge Speedway dirt track. The pair went there recently and had security by their side.

Deegan added context, “This guy is very persistent on social media. You don’t even have to respond. Probably a minimum of 100 times a day. He was always talking about how he was going to kill Chase and how much he hates Chase.”

“I messaged him, ‘My boyfriend does not beat me.’ We literally do everything together. I’m on TV, all the time. You would physically see if my jaw is broken.’ “

“He seemed like he was accepting it, at first.”

The FBI has been in contact with Hailie Deegan

Cabre added, “2-3 FBI agents, NASCAR security, there’s been a laundry list of people at our help in this situation. Because, right now, what they can do, is protect.”

Deegan explained, “If they go and arrest this guy. He hasn’t physically done anything yet. So, he’s going to get out quick. So, next thing you know, all you’ve done is fire up the situation more.”

“We don’t really know what to do from here. But, when you don’t know someone and they’re threatening your livelihood, it’s hard to know what action you should be taking. We have ways to protect ourselves here, because I know a lot of comments have been about that.”

“I’ve been on phone calls, for days. Which is not ok. It makes you nervous to know someone is coming after you, in your household. But, also because you have so much other stuff that’s already been put on hold. Our life is busy enough as it already could possibly be.”

Deegan added, “Then, this thing takes away from our sleep, what we have to get accomplished and I’m over it.”

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Hailie Deegan talks about her stalker

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