Ross Chastain says he didn’t collapse after Texas NASCAR race

The NASCAR driver clears up reports

On Friday night, the NASCAR Truck Series opened the race weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s the All-Star weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

Ross Chastain is pulling double-duty. He ran Friday’s NASCAR Truck Series race to get extra track time ahead of the Cup race.

In the closing laps, Chastain was in the battle for the race win. However, an issue on a late-race restart caused him to drop through the pack.

After the race, reports circulated that Chastain collapsed after exiting his truck. That wouldn’t be an uncommon situation after a hot night of racing.

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Ross Chastain clears the air

However, that’s not exactly what happened…

“I feel like a million bucks after getting some IVs in my arm,” Ross Chastain told Bob Pockrass after exiting the infield care center.

“I didn’t feel that hot, in the truck. Then, I got out and my legs just cramped up and my hips. I tried to lay down to get it to help. Figured I better go get some IVs.”

“I’ve seen some stuff, people saying I fainted. That wasn’t true.”

“Oh I laid down. It doesn’t feel good when the bottom half of your body’s cramped up.”

“It wasn’t carbon monoxide, they checked all that, it was average for what we’ve been in the Cup cars this year. I actually asked what my average numbers were for the last two weeks, from the medical staff that travels with us. It was right on the average.”

Ross Chastain wasn’t the only driver to end up in the care center for IVs after the race. Dean Thompson also took on IVs. Thompson noted via twitter, “Feeling like two million… still hate IVs.”

Prepping for the Cup race

Tomorrow, Chastain is scheduled to jump into his NASCAR Cup Series race for the first time on the weekend.

“I don’t know what’s in those bags of IVs but it makes you feel like Superman. All kinds of vitamins and minerals that help.”

“I was dehydrated, I didn’t do a job enough job this week. It’s on myself and I knew that. I tried to make up for it in the last day and it just wasn’t enough. I just slacked on my prep and I got called out on it, pretty quick.”

Chastain isn’t sure if he’ll take more IVs tomorrow.

“They said they would check on me. In the past, I haven’t but I’m open to it. If I need it, they’re ready to give it to me.”

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