Wild flip causes altercation at I-75 Raceway (Video)

Watch the videos of the altercation between Ashton Winger and Mack McCarter; Two crew members penalized

On Tuesday night, I-75 Raceway hosted the Southern Nationals Series. The track is a 3/8-mile dirt track located in Sweetwater, TN.

Watch the I-75 Raceway fight video below.

Drama unfolded in the late model feature. With 18 laps to go, Ashton Winger (no. 22) took the lead from Mack McCarter (no. 51).

McCarter fought back on the inside and ran Winger wide off turn two. However, the track lacks walls and Winger stayed in the gas as he went out of bounds.

The next lap, Winger was back on the bumper of McCarter. He slid him and cleared him for the lead into turn three.

Once again, they made door to door contact, this time it was off turn four. Winger ran slightly off track but stayed in the throttle.

With 16 to go, Winger was back on the bumper of the leader. He slid him yet again into turn three.

With 15 to go, it all went wrong. McCarter threw a slider into turn one on race leader Winger. He nearly cleared him but came up short off turn two.

McCarter doored Winger off turn two. Winger went off track, this time the car jump on two wheels as it went over the edge of the banking.

At the same time, the car jumped sideways. Winger was sent into a high speed barrel roll.

Fight at I-75 Raceway

The car violently rolled at least 4 times and the red flag was displayed. Winger was able to climb from his machine and he was sent out on a mission to find the driver of the No. 51 car.

Winger walked down the banking, pointing at the driver of the No. 51 under caution. He appeared to be telling the driver to get out.

Two officials attempted to pull Winger back. However, he made it to the window of the No. 51.

At the same time, a man on a pit bike rolled to the scene. A driver, a crew member and two officials were at the window of the No. 51 car.

An official finally pulled Winger away from the car. He wiggled his way free just as four more crew members showed up.

With access to the driver’s window blocked by at least four bodies, Winger went to the right side of the car. He jumped onto the decking and crawled through the car to get closer to McCarter.

Punches were thrown. One official waved his hands in the area and walked away from the car.

Crew members from both teams then began shoving each other. More crew members showed up. Now, 13 people pushed and shoved, right at the window of McCarter’s machine.

A crew member for McCarter pushed on a crew member of Winger’s and pointed toward the pit area, telling him to go away. As Winger’s crew member walked back toward the car, McCarter’s crew guy pushed him in the face. Those two then separated.

Seconds later, an official was able to pull Winger away from McCarter’s machine. Finally, Winger walked back to the pit area.

Both cars were unable to continue in the race. Cory Hedgecock drove to the win in the event. They were racing for $4,053.

“Man, I guarantee me winning wasn’t the most exciting part of that race,” Hedgecock said in I-75 victory lane. “To take advantage of what was unfolding – I’m just glad we can take the win. We will take them however we can get them. I hate that (Ashton) Winger got tore up there. I love that dude and I love that family, so I’m hoping he’s OK. Man, just an awesome car again. We were fast in qualifying and I was able to take advantage of it in the feature!”

Penalties issued

In the series press release after the event, they addressed the altercation during the red flag:

“Per series owner and race director Ray Cook, two members of Team 22 Inc. have been reprimanded for their involvement in the on-track altercation during the red flag and will not be allowed in the infield pit area at the next two series races. They will also be placed on probation for the remainder of the Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Series.”

Watch the video of the altercation below.

Before the droop rule, Ray Cook tested alternative options

Feature Results

1. (2) Cory Hedgecock

2. (7) Sam Seawright

3. (9) Jensen Ford

4. (4) Will Roland

5. (12) Zack Mitchell

6. (16) Camaron Marlar

7. (14) Carson Ferguson

8. (11) Kenny Collins

9. (13) Chase Oliver

10. (18) Dalton Cook

11. (10) Brenden Smith

12. (19) Clay Coghlan

13. (17) Austin Kirkpatrick

14. (1) Mack McCarter

15. (3) Ashton Winger

16. (15) Brandon Williams

17. (6) Tyler Millwood

18. (20) Parker Martin

19. (8) John Henderson

20. (5) Bobby Giffin

21. (22) Michael Page

22. (21) Heath Hindman

Ashton Winger vs Mack McCarter

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