Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway: Agreement reached with Mayor, Bristol

NASCAR is one step closer to Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway first opened in 1904. The half-mile oval was near demolition but it’s been saved following a long list of dedicated members from the motorsports community.

It’s now reached legendary status among grassroots racing fans. And, it could be about to reach an all-time high on a popularity scale with the return of NASCAR and a global audience.

For several years, Speedway Motorsports LLC through its Tennessee based subsidiary, Bristol Motor Speedway has been attempting to operate, promote and redevelop the property. They’ve jumped countless hurdles along the way but they’re now closer than ever…

Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson will exit NASCAR retirement to race Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (2019)

Mayor’s Office: Agreement reached

The Nashville Metropolitan Mayor’s Office has reached an agreement with Bristol Motor Speedway regarding the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

The agreement ensures the track will host NASCAR sanctioned events, upon approval. BMS will cover the cost for track renovations as well as ongoing maintenance.

“Partnering with Bristol allows Nashville to preserve our 131-year tradition of racing at the Fairgrounds and bring the legendary speedway back to life as a valuable and exciting part of the modernized Fairgrounds,” Nashville Mayor John Cooper said in a statement.

Renders of the changes to the complex have been previously released. It includes new grandstands, hospitality and medical buildings. Additionally, a sound wall will be built along the backstretch aimed at reducing noise by 50% for the neighborhood.

“There are 5 perfectly operating F1 and NASCAR tracks that are available 20-30 minutes outside Nashville.”

Moving forward

The Fair Board is set to hold two meetings as commissioners review the contract. The fair board will officially vote on the agreement in January 2023.

If approved, it will then be sent to Metro Council for a separate review and approval. The Sports Authority will also need to sign off on the deal.

When all those dominoes fall in place, the agreement returns to the Mayor’s office for a final signing which put the plan in action.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway reaches deal for NASCAR return (2021)


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