Kyle Busch makes NASCAR sponsor pitch to Twitter’s Elon Musk

Kyle Busch is joining Richard Childress Racing in 2023; Sponsorship is yet to be announced

For 2023, Kyle Busch is making the move to Richard Childress Racing as the pilot of the No. 8 machine. The move ends a 15 year run driving the No. 18 car.

Kyle Busch reflects on ‘false promises’ after leaving Joe Gibbs

The change in teams was spawned as MARS Incorporated is electing not to renew their sponsorship of the No. 18 car in 2023. JGR has been on a sponsorship search for over a year. However, they were unable to locate a new sponsor and Busch was forced to look for a contract outside of JGR.

Kyle Busch and Elon Musk don’t have a lot in common. However, if we were to reach, the two are both polarizing figures, universally disliked and outlaws of their industries.

The billionaire recently purchased Twitter. He’s taken the company private and made a host of major changes to the social media platform.

One of those changes is the verification process. In an effort to curb spam bots and generate income outside of traditional advertising, Twitter is now charging $8 to become a verified account.

That service is being rolled out via Twitter Blue. The service was first released over a year ago but the verification process is a new addition to the same upgrade.

Verified accounts receive priority in search as well as the comment section of content.

Kyle Busch asks Elon Musk to join NASCAR

Elon Musk responded to the backlash, “To all complainers, please continue complaining, but it will cost $8.”

As previously mentioned, Kyle Busch is the new driver of the No. 8 machine in the NASCAR Cup Series. Kyle took the opportunity to make a sponsor pitch…

Kyle Busch commented, “Hey Elon Musk, while I love the number choice, I think we need to make an official deal first…”

Since the above twitter comment, the $8 version of Twitter Blue was momentarily released. It resulted in a whole bunch of new spam as people paid for a verified account then pretended to be popular brands as well as celebrities.

One account claiming to be the Eli & Lily brand falsely announced that insulin shots would soon be free for all. It cost billions from the valuation of the company as people sold their stock in bulk thinking the tweet was from the actual Eli & Lily twitter page.

Richard Childress Racing hasn’t made any sponsorship announcements regarding Busch. However, the Lenovo CEO has stated that they intend to remain with Richard Childress Racing in 2023.

Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter and he remains the CEO of Telsa, Space X and Starlink.

Kyle Busch is a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion.

Kyle Busch to race for NASCAR team Richard Childress Racing in 2023

Dale Earnhardt Jr comments on Kyle Busch possibly driving the No. 3


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