Photographer struck by race car at Irwindale Speedway (Video)

There was a scary scene at the California race track

Irwindale Speedway is a half-mile pavement oval. The track is located in Irwindale, California.

View the video of the incident below.

On Saturday night, the track hosted the SPEARS Southwest Tour Super Late Models. A full field of 29 late models attended the event.

It’s a race track that’s been saved, over and over. And, the positive is, the stands were packed.

However, there was a very scary incident during Saturday’s event. A car spun at the flag stand. The car was sent backwards toward the inside wall.

As the car hit the wall, the rear bumper jumped slightly over the inside wall. It then rode the wall like a skateboard, with the backend slightly over the wall.

After riding the wall for several feet, it reached a photographer who was standing behind the wall. The photographer attempted to step out of the way but was struck.

A fire truck approached the photographer within seconds. The photographer was placed in an amblance.

Roughly 15 minutes later, the photographer was dropped back off at his spot. He continued shooting the event.

Jacob Gomes won the super late model main event.

Irwindale photographer hit by car (Video)


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