NASCAR sweeper truck struck under caution by Dillon Bassett (Video)

There was an odd crash under caution at Iowa Speedway due to a smoke cloud from a sweeper truck

On Saturday, NASCAR returned to Iowa Speedway. The NASCAR Xfinity Series unloaded for the day of short track racing at the 0.875-mile oval in Newton, IA.

Watch the NASCAR sweeper truck video below.

With 33 laps to go, the race was heating up at the front of the field. John Hunter Nemechek and Christopher Bell were door to door for the race lead.

However, Brandon Brown went up in smoke behind them. He left a trail of oil on the race track as he coasted to the pit lane.

The caution flag was out. NASCAR went to work to clean up the race track for a short shootout to the finish.

Safety trucks dropped sand on top of the oil. That sand soaks up the oil then sweepers come scoop it all up. It’s standard practice for any racing series.

With 28 to go, the sweepers were now working the apron of the race track. Brown left an oil trail all the way to the pit lane. However, as the cars rolled under caution, they elected to come to the pit lane.

The sweepers stopped just ahead of the entry to the pit lane. As they kicked up dust, it made it hard for the drives behind to see.

Dillon Bassett pulled off the track, onto the apron and was heading to the pits. The sweeper halted his progress. Bassett drove right into the back of a sweeper.

He attempted to avoid the heavy duty truck at the last second but was unable to do so. Instead, his left front was torn apart and he needed a tow truck to get to the pit lane.

Dillon Bassett hits sweeper truck at Iowa Speedway


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