Austin Dillon Hits Cole Custer On-Purpose, Under Caution at Phoenix International Raceway

Austin Dillon runs into Cole Custer, on purpose and under yellow flag after getting spun at Phoenix International Raceway – Watch the retaliation video below

Something about Phoenix International Raceway makes racing drivers lose their minds.

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Today’s NASCAR XFINITY Series DC Solar 200 at Phoenix International Raceway was actioned packed, fantastic racing for the lead. All day, the fans witnessed side-by-side action. Despite the lengthy yellow flag periods, it was worth the wait to watch the teams to go back racing.

Austin Dillon Cole Custer Phoenix International Raceway

However, Austin Dillon’s retaliation will grab a lot of headlines from race winner, Justin Allgaier. It won’t just be today either. Penalties are likely to follow later in the week.

With 35 laps to go, Austin Dillon was racing for the lead. He was putting up a fight to Justin Allgaier and Erik Jones. However, near 25 laps later it wouldn’t matter as Austin Dillon would be pulling to the garage, with damage on all sides.

Cole Custer, suffered from a bad case of ‘loose-in’. Unfortunately, Austin Dillon found himself on the outside of that ‘loose-in’ symptom while racing for 6th place with 11 laps to go. Cole hit the brakes, the car went straight, directly into Austin Dillon. The #2 car then pancaked the wall, rear end first. A racing incident.

However, Austin Dillon didn’t like the move at all. He wanted to make sure Cole Custer was aware of that. So, his solution was to limp around Phoenix International Raceway under yellow, until he found Custer. When he did, he side-swiped him then parked directly in front of Cole.

Kevin Harvick was in the booth for the NASCAR Xfinity Series race. While watching the replay of the retaliation, “Yeah, that’s just the kinda stuff that you don’t really want to see. That’s kinda Saturday night stuff there. It’s racing, stuff happens.” He continued, “When you use your car as weapon. That’s just not stuff that has a rational reasoning behind it.

Cole Custer was quick to jump on that radio before the retaliation, “That’s all my fault right there. I just got loose on entry and couldn’t keep it down. My fault.”

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As Austin Dillon exited the care center he also offered his thoughts on the wreck. He explained, “Just driving over his head and he got us. He just overdrove the corner. Missed the corner, took me out with him. It’s a hard hit. Sucks. We’ll see Cole all year long. So, it’ll be a good year.”

Austin Dillon vs Cole Custer Phoenix International Raceway

Austin Dillon and team were obviously called to the hauler post-race. When asked about his defense, He responded, Coke in hand, “I don’t think it will be that bad. We’ll probably just go have a Coke and discuss things. And it’ll be all good.”

Highly unlikely. This is really bad timing for Austin Dillon. After last week’s fight at Las Vegas Motor Speedway between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, discussions about this very situation were already laying on the surface.

On Tuesday, NASCAR CEO Brian France talked about this very type of on-track retaliation. France stated NASCAR wouldn’t ‘tolerate’ any kind of on-track retaliation using the race cars. He emphasized this point, stating that NASCAR made it really clear what the punishment for such actions were at Martinsville. After Matt Kenseth wrecked Joey Logono, on-purpose, NASCAR suspended Matt Kenseth.

Austin Dillon might not face the same suspension as Matt Kenseth. As, it’s a case-by-case ruling. However, it might be and it could even be harsher given NASCAR is still looking to crack down on ‘intentional wrecking’ of any kind. For Austin Dillon, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Austin Dillon is scheduled to start 17th tomorrow in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series event.

Author: Shane Walters


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